Mike Tomlin on dropped passes: Catch the ball or get replaced by those who will

Washington Football Team v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Among the issues that contributed to the Steelers’ first loss of the season was dropped passes.

The Steelers were credited with seven dropped passes in the game, which is the most drops in a game by any team this season. The Steelers have also dropped more passes over the course of the entire season than any other team in the league.

After the loss, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said the drops were happening on routine plays and he explained what the response will be to continued issues catching the ball during his Tuesday press conference.

“They can catch the ball or they can get replaced by those that will catch it,” Tomlin said. “It’s just as simple as that. Like I’ve often said, I expect guys to make routine plays routinely. When there’s a pattern of that not happening, then we have to look at who we throw the ball to.”

Wide receiver Diontae Johnson had three of the drops on Monday and has a league-high nine on the season, which could lead him to be one of the players affected by Tomlin’s desire to see more catches in the future.

19 responses to “Mike Tomlin on dropped passes: Catch the ball or get replaced by those who will

  1. But are they even drops? The ones i saw yesterday, the guys didnt even have proper hand placement. It looked like a bunch of crooked fingers trying to catch a ball

  2. Be honest? Do you really wanna go 16-0 and possibly lose in the playoffs? Or lose a game in the regular season, and remotivate yourself for the playoffs?

  3. Mike T is right. This is the NFL. Don’t have time to sit back and watch receivers drop passes every week.

  4. With an 11-1 start, does this then mean “Win the Superbowl or be replaced by someone who will?”

    I seem to remember the Packers beating you last time you had a chance to do so. Packers have since fired that coach for not performing up to the task following that win.

  5. Steelers WR’s had more drops than the Patriots WR’s had receptions. Plus we have to play without TE’s. I tell ya, it’s rough.

  6. Throw more to Washington, who seems to have the best hands of the group. Juju is reliable. Claypool has some drops but also some combat catches. Then you have Johnson and Ebron who seem to drop every third pass. These guys need to get their act together, catch the ball, and make a football move after they catch the ball.

    It would also be nice if they were able to throw more than a 2-3 yard pass most of the time.

    The creativity in the offense that was there early in the year seems gone.

  7. They don’t have enough players to replace the slippery fingered crew they have now. Why did they throwing to a lineman on the goal line? Even that one went off his fingertips!

  8. Pittsburgh is giving Diontae Johnson every chance to become the next Antonio Brown, but Diontae seems to be stuck between good and great, but far from elite.

  9. A Claypool was in the witness protection program last night. Barely on the field why? No one is asking

    B Did Vance McDonald have his hands removed? asking for his family who never sees him anymore

  10. I’m just tired of watching some of these guys come out not focused on the task at hand, looking completely disinterested in playing the game. I wonder how many times they drop their phones, tablets etc while posting on social media? LOL You want to be great? Focus on your craft, not your next TikTok or whatever video. That said the players are not the only problem…the OC needs to go.

  11. Receivers would drop less passes if you didn’t throw 50 a game. How about fixing the run game coach?

  12. Not that Pittburgh is a bad team, but with all the injuries on D and inconsistency on O, this looks like another one of those teams that looks like SB bound in October but is clearly a pretender by December.

  13. Listen you are what your record says you are…….oh wait. 11 and 1 is pretty dang good. Work your stuff out the last 4 games Pitt and be ready. Ben will know who he trusts and who he doesn’t when it’s playoff time.

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