NFL on Dez Bryant: Contact tracing happened, no high-risk contacts were found

Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens
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Ravens receiver Dez Bryant had a question to ask after he abruptly was scratched from Tuesday night’s game against the Cowboys due to a positive COVID-19 test: “Since I tested positive for Covid before the game does the game stop or go on?”

We asked the NFL to explain why the game went on. Here’s the response, from league spokesman Brian McCarthy.

“Contact tracing was conducted from yesterday and today using the contact tracing device and the standard interviews,” McCarthy said via email. “There were no high-risk contacts identified.”

This presumably means that Dez did a good job of keeping his distance from teammates and coaches at the stadium before he learned of his positive result.

“This is a scenario that had been contemplated during the development of the protocols and one the league, clubs and NFLPA planned for,” McCarty added. “The protocols worked.”

McCarthy confirmed that Bryant’s daily PCR sample returned an inconclusive result. He then was given an on-site PCR test, which showed that Bryant was positive.

As previously mentioned, the proximity of the BioReference Laboratories Maryland facility to Baltimore resulted in Bryant and the team learning of the inconclusive PCR result early Tuesday evening. If the closest BioReference lab were farther away, Bryant could be playing right now.

13 responses to “NFL on Dez Bryant: Contact tracing happened, no high-risk contacts were found

  1. Nobody was in close contact with Dez Bryant before the biggest comeback game of his career against his former franchise… riiiiiight. The NFL refuses to cancel games. I mean it’s Tuesday night and we are playing this game out of desperation. It would have been pushed back if this was a regular Sunday. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  2. It’s the Ravens. That’s why the game wasn’t moved or altered in any way. Lord help them if they actually had to play a couple of games in a single week because they’ve violated the covid protocols so often.

  3. I don’t think its possible for that, they really should have limited any of the players from doing anything from the beginning.

  4. Ravens have yet to be disciplined for any violations. The league was responsible for authorizing walk throughs that furthered the outbreak resulting in the postponements.

  5. Mr. Goodell,
    Mr. Elway on line one.

    I find it implausible that Dez did NOT come into contact with any teammates at all in the preparation and lead-up to the game.

  6. I know anyone can get Covid-19 but what’s going on with the Ravens? It seems like every time I turn around they’ve got another positive test

  7. I mean I don’t want the guy to suffer from a bad case of COVID-19 but, other than that, why are we even talking about Dez Bryant? He hasn’t taken meaningful snaps in how many years now?

  8. He was hugging and high fiving all the Cowboys before the game.UMMMM , I think that is close contact.

  9. LamarIsAGoodRunningBack says:
    December 8, 2020 at 11:07 pm
    It’s the Ravens. That’s why the game wasn’t moved or altered in any way.


    Wait, what? I thought because it was the Ravens, the NFL would have moved the game so they could have adjusted their gameplan or added another WR?

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