Anthony Lynn: “We’re not dead yet”

Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Chargers
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The 3-9 Chargers are dead. Don’t tell that to coach Anthony Lynn.

“We’re in a valley right now, and we’re down,” Lynn told reporters on Wednesday. “But we’re not out. Just the other day was Pearl Harbor day. You know, one of the biggest defeats this country’s had. And we bounced back from that. And kind of used it as an example with my staff the other day. We’re down and out, but we’re not dead yet. So we’re gonna finish out the season the right way, and today we’re gonna start with a good day of practice.”

Lynn’s clumsy invocation of Pearl Harbor as an example to his team’s current struggle had everything but a reference to it being bombed by the Germans. The broader point is that, indeed, the Chargers are dead.

They’ve been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. They can run the table, finish 7-9, and still go home after Week 17. Even in this season of refusing to accept defeat, this is a defeat that is undeniable.

8 responses to “Anthony Lynn: “We’re not dead yet”

  1. Everyone can’t be Managers, Directors, or CEOs. Same here Lynn. You are not a good head coach but you might be a good coordinator, there is no shame in that.

  2. He’s focused on the wrong game. That single blowout last week is just an outlier. The real problem is all the close games they’ve lost, many of them the direct result of Lynn’s terrible clock management and inability to play with a lead. The Pats game was their only loss this year by more than a TD and they led in most of those games.

  3. Someone should tell Lynn it took the USA over 4 years – with the help of a couple of atom bombs – to truly overcome the Pearl Harbor defeat. Something tells me he won’t be given that much rope.

  4. He’ll get it squared away … dealing with a rookie QB and still learning his job (the hard way with losses) … but I like him … a mellower Mike Tomlin.

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