Cowboys “disappointed” to be flexed out of Sunday Night Football for first time ever

NFL: DEC 22 Chiefs at Bears
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News that the NFL decided to flex the Cowboys and 49ers out of Sunday Night Football in Week 15 was not surprising. The Browns-Giants game is more intriguing.

Cleveland has ensured its first winning season since 2007, and the Giants are in first place in the NFC East after four consecutive wins.

At the same time, the decision is surprising given it’s never previously happened to the Cowboys.

That’s right: The Cowboys have never been flexed out of Sunday Night Football since NBC won the rights to the flex-scheduling package.

“Number one, I think it’s a reflection of where we are right now as a football team,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday. “I mean, these are the types of things that I guess happen when you’re not successful. We’re disappointed, make no bones about it.”

The Cowboys appeared on Sunday Night Football in Week 1 against the Rams and in Week 8 against the Eagles. That’s the fewest Sunday Night Football appearances in a season ever for the Cowboys.

It also means NBC did not broadcast a single game from AT&T Stadium since both of the Cowboys’ Sunday Night Football games were on the road.

30 responses to “Cowboys “disappointed” to be flexed out of Sunday Night Football for first time ever

  1. they’ve been losers for two decades and will continue to be as long as jones is GM. he has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that he knows nothing about football.

  2. We don’t look kindly on legacy admissions to ivy league schools (students admitted because a parent is an alumnus). Why should we put up with legacy entitlements to primetime coverage in sports? The Cowboys have not been relevant for a long time. We breathe a sigh of relief every time they even lose by a gentleman’s touchdown to a playoff contender. We clearly have a different standard for America’s Team.

  3. I’m a long time Cowboy fan. I am not surprised, or upset the ‘Boys game got flexed out of Sunday Night Football. This Cowboys team plain stinks! You can blame it on whatever you chose to blame it on, too short training camp, no preseasons game, etc. They are just excuses. Every team had the same conditions to work under. This is where coaching comes in. You look at the team, you look at the season, and you make only a few changes. You don’t go overboard with changes. I will let it go at that.

    But I think Mike McCarthy and Mike Nolan were the wrong choices to be HC and DC.

  4. Thank God–It’s about time!

    I am *SO* sick of years of seeing crappy NFC East games because they are all major market teams.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. As a Dallas Cowboys fan since ’76, growing up in SF and Forty Niner country, I must say they don’t deserve to play on the big stage. No more Monday, Sunday, or even Thursday night football until they get competitive again. 25 years since they have been a championship level team. Still love them, but they stink.

  6. They earned this dishonor, and only so much blame can be placed on Dak’s injury. Note that New Orleans lost Brees and are 3-0 since. Good teams are prepared.

  7. I don’t blame McCarthy for Prescott’s injury. I do blame him for a team with such talent and pride looking so confused and demotivated.

  8. I guess Nick Mullens vs. Andy Dalton just doesn’t move the needle even for “casual fans”

  9. Even Jerry, who is perhaps the League’s best pitch man and eternal optimist, can’t spin this game into something even remotely compelling. Time to just embrace the suck.

  10. Nobody wants to watch a prime time game featuring a team that, this late in the season, is sitting in the 5th overall draft position.

  11. Most everyone who’s not a cowboy fan has probably seen enough of them in prime slots for a while. Funny that Jason Garrett shuffles into primetime here, while the cowboys get the hook

  12. And this is so surprising ? C’mon Jerry Your team stinks , the only Guy on Your team worth watching is out for the season , and the team Your playing against is playing 2nd stringers because they are all injured .

  13. Jerruh and his Cowboys have hit rock bottom. It’s been fun to watch. I’m sure the other owners are snickering about it after putting up with the insufferable Jerruh for years.

    Only mistake the League made was putting on the Browns. No one cares. Browns fans should be terrified bc Baker can’t win any meaningful game.

  14. sewalters79 says:
    Sorry but Everyone besides the Cowboys knows that The Browns are the Real America’s Team

    The Browns are barely Cleveland’s team, let alone America’s. But welcome back to the party after a decades-long absence from being taken seriously (and I mean that: it will be good to see the Browns in the NFL playoffs).

  15. Well what do they expect? They stink out loud. They wasted away all those years with a terrific offensive line and now their line is awful. They make up for that by having an awful defense. In short, they are awful. It gets worse though. They have a major cap problem for next year in spite of all the Cowboys fans in denial about that. If they pay Dak then forty players on the roster will be league minimum players and they’ll have zero depth in the event someone gets injured. They already have enough holes on that roster and giving someone $35M will only exacerbate that problem. It’s going to be an interesting offseason for the Jones boys.

  16. They arent allowed to move Chiefs-Saints, which Im pretty sure they would have. Although, certainly not mad here about seeing the Browns in prime time- they have earned the attention.

    dino2997 says:
    December 10, 2020 at 12:19 am
    They should be flexed but Browns and Giants? There has to be a better game?

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  17. Paying Jaylon Smith, Amari Cooper, Zeke Elliot and Lawrence a combined 70 mil plus a year is a way bigger problem then paying Dak. Throw in Dak and you are paying well over 100 mil a year to 4 good, not great, players plus a fat and disinterested Zeke. When you pay players like top 5 at their position players, they need to be worth it. Jerry doesnt get that. And yeah CeeDee Lamb is nice, but you just gave up a first round pick and 100 mil contract at the position…WTF are they doing? Their focus on WRs is Matt Millen-esque at this point.

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