Josh Allen passes Russell Wilson in MVP odds

Seattle Seahawks v Buffalo Bills
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Let Russ sink.

The odds-on MVP favorite for much of the season, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson continues to slide in the betting odds for the league’s top individual award.

Via, Wilson has dropped from +700 last week to +2000 this week, putting him fourth on the list behind Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (-500, from -400 last week), Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (+460, from +600 last week), and Bills quarterback Josh Allen (+1500, from +3300 last week).

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has fallen from +2500 to +5000. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, without playing, has gone from +10000 to +8200.

Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, who wasn’t on the board a week ago, lands at +10000.

The odds surely will adjust on a weekly basis. Barring injury or implosion, however, Mahomes will continue to be the clear favorite for the award.

28 responses to “Josh Allen passes Russell Wilson in MVP odds

  1. Now we know Russell will never win an MVP…MVPs don’t lose to bum teams who are starting their back up QB…at their own house!!!

  2. At this rate, I’m beginning to wonder if Wilson will even get a vote.

  3. As much as I love watching Russ Wilson play,you cannot leave Josh Allen out of the MVP discussion. He deserves to be on the ballot.

  4. Not necessarily a Bills fan, but I’m happy for Allen and any success that he has. Especially considering the heat the Bills took for drafting him a few years back, and the fact that he’s not a total outright diva (Rodgers) or a total diva who pretends he’s not a diva (Wilson).

  5. With Rodgers having 5 more TD passes and 5 points higher on the QB rating than Pat – the voters will most defintly lean to Rodgers if the current pace holds true.

  6. Funny seeing the same people who defended Brady getting torched on primetime 4 times now this season despite having so many weapons making fun of Russ.

    Hypocrisy is hilarious.

  7. The odds surely will adjust on a weekly basis. Barring injury or implosion, however, Mahomes will continue to be the clear favorite for the award.

    As he should have been all along.

  8. This constant debate over who’s going to finish second to Mahomes in the MVP race is tiring.

  9. I don’t think that Mahomes or the Chiefs overall have looked great in the last few games.They’ve been playing down to their opponents level. I don’t think that Mahomes is a lock for MVP this year. Not just yet.

  10. If the Jets had taken Allen and the Bills had taken Darnold, Allen would be struggling right now because of Adam Gase.

  11. I’d take Allen for MVP at this point, he’s been great. He doesn’t have the supporting cast Mahomes and Rodgers have.

  12. As he should. He beat Wilson head to head. Dare I say if he gets the Bills the second seed somehow, he’ll totally deserve it. I’m not holding my breath for the Bills getting the one seed. Were that to happen, you’d have to think the vote would be semi-unanimous.

  13. Rodgers is the MVP but the media loves Mahomes, so if it’s a tie it will go to Mahomes and it’s a close race right now so I get Mahomes being favored, but Rodgers is a great value at these odds and Mahomes is a terrible value. Barring injury or both of those guys somehow flopping, the rest are also-rans.

  14. Rodgers wants another ring – not another MVP award. Let the young guys chase those.

  15. At this point, I’d rather have a defense than see my QB get MVP. It’s embarrassing.

  16. Mayfield shouldn’t be on there, that’s impossible at this point. They’re literally just stealing money from morons. And yes I know that’s their business model.

  17. The MVP race is between Mahomes and Rodgers with Mahomes holding a sizeable advantage. If Mahomes has a good game against New Orleans next week, he wraps it up.

  18. This is why Wilson never gets a vote. He has good stretches and his end of season stats look good, but he has these stretches where he straight up sucks and costs games (see: 2016)

  19. MVP votes are only as good as you’re blocking up front. Do you see Mahomes or Rodgers running for their life back there like Wilson? Dude is asked to do way too much.

  20. So glad for Allen. Been on this guys bandwagon from the jump even when everyone else was down on him. Once he got some help he has played better and better. Since my eagles are a mess i will be routing for Josh and the bills. Also routing for the fans in buffalo. love going to games there, outside of eaglea fans they are some of my favorite in the nfl.

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