Ronald Jones: Bruce Arians’ support “definitely means a lot”

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Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said after the team’s last game that he thinks running back Ronald Jones should be getting 20 touches a game and he revisited the topic of Jones’ usage on Tuesday.

Arians told reporters that Jones “is where we start” offensively and emphasized the need to “stay in the ballgames earlier and not fall behind” so that they can continue to run the ball with Jones. The running back is an appreciative audience for what Arians has had to say about his role.

“It definitely means a lot,” Jones said. “Again, as a player, all you can do is ask for the opportunity. They’ve given it to me and I’ve just got to make the most of it. Take it and run with it — literally — so that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Jones heads into Week 14 with the fourth-most rushing yards and ninth-most rushing attempts in the league. If the Bucs can follow through on improving his position on the latter list, it should be a positive for their offense down the stretch.

5 responses to “Ronald Jones: Bruce Arians’ support “definitely means a lot”

  1. Every time Arians opens his mouth I shake my head. Why explicitly name one guy as the most important in your offense, or specify a number of touches he should always have, apparently regardless of who the opponent is? It’s bad enough that the Bucs’ play call on first down is so predictably RoJo up the middle that other teams can almost always stuff it. And how does it help team morale to have one guy singled out? Much better to focus on team play and not make the other guys feel like they are a step below somebody else in importance.

  2. Leonard Fournet will soon be expressing his unhappiness verbally by wanting trade, and physically with lack of effort.

  3. Oh you sweet naive young man.
    You’re going under the Arians’ bus the minute you make a mistake. And maybe before that…

  4. If only Bruce was supporting Brady like that, that would make a big difference. All Bruce is doing is throwing Brady under the bus, and trying to make the offense his offense, not Brady’s offense. Lets see how much Bruce changes his coaching following their bye week. The world will be watching.

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