Thursday Night Football: Cam Akers runs through Patriots in 24-3 Rams victory


For the second week in row the New England Patriots were a part of a blowout result at SoFi Stadium.

But this week they were on the wrong side of the ledger.

Cam Akers rushed for 171 yards, Jared Goff threw for a touchdown and ran for one as well, and Kenny Young delivered a 79-yard interception return touchdown off Cam Newton as the Los Angeles Rams cruised to a 24-3 victory over the Patriots on Thursday night.

Akers is just the ninth running back to gain at least 150 yards on the ground against a Bill Belichick team in New England in either the regular season or postseason. Derrick Henry was the last to do so last January in the playoffs for the Tennessee Titans. Akers has now rushed for 327 yards for the Rams over the last three weeks against the Patriots, Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers.

After authoring a 45-0 win over the Chargers last week, the Patriots could not get anything together against the Rams. They had three possessions into the L.A. red zone in the first half with only three points to show for it.

Young’s pick-six turned away one red zone drive with a fourth down stop of Newton on the following possession thwarting another. Nick Folk‘s 29-yard field goal on the third straight trip inside the 20-yard line served as the only points of the game for New England. The Rams Defense also delivered six sacks on the night with Michael Brockers getting two and Aaron Donald a sack-and-a-half on the night.

Newton completed 9-of-16 passes for 119 yards before eventually being replaced by Jarrett Stidham in the fourth quarter. Stidham completed 5-of-7 passes for 27 yards. Damien Harris was held to 50 yards on 11 carries.

Goff scored on a 1-yard touchdown run to cap the opening drive of the game for the Rams. They would add a 35-yard field goal from Matt Gay on their second drive of the night in pushing the lead to 10-0.

The Patriots would then threaten the end zone on their next three drives while coming up with just the lone Folk field goal as the Rams took a 17-3 lead into the break after Young’s pick-six.

Goff and Cooper Kupp connected on a 2-yard touchdown in the third quarter to serve as the final margin for the Rams.

Goff was 16-of-25 for 137 yards with a touchdown, interception and rushing touchdown.

46 responses to “Thursday Night Football: Cam Akers runs through Patriots in 24-3 Rams victory

  1. For Patriot fans going from Tom Brady to Cam Newton is like going from Filet Mignon to Hamburger Helper, he’s lost games Brady usually won.

  2. When I said about 10 weeks ago the Rams were the most balanced team in the NFL, I got about 200 thumbs down. Let’s try this again. The Rams are the most balanced team in the NFL.

  3. What did Stidham do to Belichick to not be starting over Newton? Newton has been as bad a starting NFL QB this year as I have ever seen in my life. There is basically no way, Stidham could be any worse. I’m pretty sure Stidham can go 10/15 for 80 yards and a pick or two and hand the ball off 30 times a game. Maybe McDaniels will actually be able to run an NFL offense with him instead of this high school joke offense they need to run for Newton who still can’t figure out a blitz or read a defense even though he’s been in the league for ten years.

  4. Ram fans have been waiting 19 years for this.

    Congrats on the ‘big’ win in a Thurs night home game vs a rebuilding team. Glad it made up for the 2 Super Bowl losses.

  5. Stidham only played for nine snaps and got absolutely beat up. So not only is he not the answer but as everybody knew the problem goes beyond QB play. Last year under Brady was the writing on the wall on what was coming to be. BB needs to give up GM duties, or at least not be allowed to draft skill position players.

  6. I figured the Pats would lose but not by this much. Cam is afraid to throw and the run defense got slashed. The Pats will be humiliated over the next two weeks if they play like this.

  7. I’m not going to trash Bill Belichick. Most great coaches had HOF QB’s, so Belichick doesn’t have to apologize for having one too. I mean, if you made a list of the greatest coaches all time, then crossed out the ones who did their winning with HOF QB’s, you’d have a very short list. Maybe just Joe Gibbs.

  8. Will Belichick get Garappolo back ?
    Make a play for retired Andrew Luck ?
    Try for Minshew if Lawrence goes to Jax ?
    Stick with Stidham ?

  9. As a Dolphin fan, two observations.
    1. You have to give credit to Tom Brady for bailing out last year when he recognized the state of the offense. I doubt that Mahomes gets 200 yards passing with those receivers.
    2. I hate to say it, but you also have to give credit to BB for getting six wins with this team. After the Covid defections this team lacked talent on both sides.
    3. The test for BB is how to rebuild next year. He will have cap space and may want do it again. Or he may decide that 21 years is enough and it is time to get a big boat and join Jimmy Johnson in the Keys..

  10. As a Rams fam, it wouldn’t haver mattered if this was in a parking lot with no one watching. We lost the first and last of their dynasty, we exorcised TB and BB in the past month. This is our time.

  11. So strange. When the Patriots play a good, well coached team they are not competitive. When they play the dregs of the league, they win and everyone is ready to say they are back and Belichick is a genius! Why don’t folks realize the opponent says as much about a team’s quality as the team. Patriots are looking up at mediocrity.

  12. “Congrats on the ‘big’ win in a Thurs night home game vs a rebuilding team. Glad it made up for the 2 Super Bowl losses.”

    Rams kicked the Pats butt up and down the block. I don’t care what time of year that happens. That’s a good day.

  13. Looks like Father Time has caught up with Belichick, Kraft should cut him loose 2 years early the same way Bill has dumped great players here

  14. Turns out all those people who said there was a reason Cam couldn’t find a starting job in the NFL were correct.

    Also, Bill can’t just plug in any QB and have success.

  15. Belichick not so great without Brady. Missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Oh yeah, Brady was out injured that year. Guess we know who was responsible for all those Super Bowl wins

  16. NFL fans and the media should not overreact to the current state of the New England Patriots. A number of Patriot defensive players opted out due to covid19. Moreover getting a few quick receivers that can create separation will get done for next season. Sorry competitors the current state of the Patriots does not reflect the end of a dynasty. Next season will exemplify that statement to be true!

  17. It’s abundantly clear that Stidham looks more like an NFL quarterback in every way compared to Newton. His mechanics, the way the ball comes out of his hand, etc. – this kid can throw and he he can throw on the run at the professional level. You need to be athletic on this Patriots team at the QB position and he has that too. He should have entered he game at the beginning of the 2nd half because Cam doesn’t have comeback ability with his arm, especially considering the lack of separation the Pats receivers get. Watching the 2nd half chokehold the Rams put on the Patriots was boring, yet predictable.

    This team is not making the playoffs, and Stidham has never had the proper amount of reps as the starter to show what he can do. Can’t they just let him play the last 3 games and finally see what he’s capable of? Newton will not be the starting QB here next year, so let’s at least finally see what we have here.

  18. Maybe after last night, much of the media will finally admit the Pats will not win their division.

  19. Ya, too bad NE no longer has a shot to make it back to the Super Bowl for a rematch. The only bad thing about sticking a fork in em last night.

  20. I’ve seen Newton play around 4-5 times this year and I think that was the worst he has looked. I don’t know what kind of deal he gets after this year, but seems he may need to be a backup. The INT he threw after the defense had picked off Goff was a back breaker, but the defense couldn’t stop the Ram’s running game.

    I haven’t liked all the Ram’s player moves last couple years, but they seem to be working out pretty well.

    I don’t think NE would be so much better with Brady than Cam in 2020 that they could any damage in the playoffs. The bright spot in the game for NE was Harry made a very nice catch.

  21. What is it with teams looking great one week & horrible the next. I know the Chargers are not the Rams but The difference was huge. Guess there was a bit of revenge-playing for the Rams.

  22. The whole year feels like some plaything of Bill’s to see if he can get blood from a stone. Half the defensive leaders opt out, there is nothing but mediocrity, injuries, or an inability to get open at the WR/TE positions, Sony and Rex have been various shades of hurt, and then there’s Cam — who holds the ball way too long, remains inaccurate, flubs both short and midrange passes, and is extremely predictable in his rush attempts. It seems like coaching staff decided this summer to build the whole offense around the notion of what Cam *could* do 5 years ago, and have refused to waver from that.

  23. Terry Bradshaw nailed it at halftime, just said the offense was a complete wreck.

    Newton always seems to make a bad play at the worst possible time. How many times this year have the Pats been in scoring position only to have him turn the ball over or get stuffed and they come away with nothing. I can think of at least 10.

    Pats need to get a QB in the draft this year.

  24. So much for plugging in any QB to the ‘system’ – Brady WAS the system. As a head coach, Bill was sub – .500 pre-Brady (and fired for that) and is now sub-.500 post Brady….speaks for itself as Brady at 43 is still crushing it.

  25. Bottom line: the Pats need a good QB. I hate to say it,but anyone can see that Cam Newton is terrible. I wish people would stop saying “he has no one to throw to.” Those kids have done pretty well when you consider the fact that Newton CAN’T throw,unless you want the ball in the dirt or a mile over your head.

  26. Bottom line: the Pats need a good QB. I hate to say it,but anyone can see that Cam Newton is terrible. I wish people would stop saying “he has no one to throw to.” Those kids have done pretty well when you consider the fact that Newton CAN’T throw,unless you want the ball in the dirt or a mile over your head. Other than that,the Patriots just didn’t show up for the game,especially the run D.

  27. Brady at 43 is still crushing it.


    Not really….look at his last 4 games.

    He is 1-3 with 8 tds and 7 picks and 2 games under 60% completion.

    He is cleaning up on the bad teams, but not so much on any good teams.

  28. Brady SHOULD be crushing it with all the pieces he has now,but that’s not the case,as stated in the above post. He’s doing “okay”, but should be better.

  29. The way the Patriots played last night,the Jets could have blown them out,while still trying to tank.

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