Andrew Berry: Baker Mayfield deserves a lot of credit for work he put in this year

Cleveland Browns v Tennessee Titans
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The Browns have secured a winning record for the season during their current four-game winning streak and the play of quarterback Baker Mayfield has had a lot to do with that.

Mayfield’s numbers haven’t always been eye-popping, but one does jump off the page. He has not thrown an interception over the course of the streak and is on pace to throw nine for the season after throwing 35 over his first two NFL campaigns.

Those numbers have come in his first year playing for head coach Kevin Stefanski and General Manager Andrew Berry pointed to that as reason to praise what Mayfield has been able to do this season.

“I think Baker deserves a lot of credit in terms of how he’s approached this year,” Berry said on a podcast with Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche of NFL Media. “I don’t know that the challenge of going into a third offensive system, no offseason can be appreciated enough externally. That’s no easy task for any player, let alone a young quarterback.”

Mayfield opened the year with an unimpressive performance against the Ravens and he’ll get a chance to put a better game together against them on Monday night. If he does, a win and a trip to the playoffs will be likelier outcomes for the Browns.

8 responses to “Andrew Berry: Baker Mayfield deserves a lot of credit for work he put in this year

  1. Mayfield is a 10-15 ranked QB in the NFL, and possibly the 4th best in his own division. For #1 pick overall he will become the new Andy Dalton of the AFC North. Armed w/ a soon-to-be $100+mill salary-cap albatross, and a plethora of 8-8 seasons in his future.

  2. The Browns have sneakily split 2-2 against the Ravens the past two seasons. With week 1 they are now 2-3 over the past three seasons. I look forward to a good, competitive game. Definitely the Ravens are good enough to blow out the Browns this year: that week 1 game can’t be hidden under the rug. But the Browns have only improved (dramatically) and appear good enough to hang with any team in the AFC. I think week 1 was more of an anomaly: demonstrative more than normative. Here’s to hoping/believing the Browns an split with the Ravens in 2020 and all but secure a playoff berth.

  3. This game is going to be all about Browns defense and Browns offensive line, If they both play well then they’ll have a shot at winning Monday night, if one or the other plays awful its going to be a long nite !!!

  4. I never saw Andy Dalton turn in a performance against a playoff team like Baker did against the Titans. Just checked the stats, Dalton’s two best games of his career were in 2013 against the vikings who finished with 5 wins and 2017 against the Browns who finished with zero wins. Both of his stat lines were comparable to Bakers against the 8-3 titans, most of which came in the first half.

    Objectively, Baker performed better last week than Dalton ever did in his career against a playoff team. Is it a one game fluke? We will see, but his ceiling is higher than Dalton’s.

  5. Yup. Dalton couldn’t even throw a deep out. Baker’s got excellent zip on short and intermediate throws

  6. My big fear ,as a fan, is all the sudden national attention being lavished on the Browns this week causes them to fall flat Monday night. It’s happened before. Otherwise, this looks like a great game. In Stefanski we trust.

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