Andy Reid sent Brian Flores barbeque after Miami’s win over Patriots last season

The National Western BBQ Throwdown.
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Brian Flores’ team signaled its turnaround in Week 17 last season when the 4-11 Dolphins upset the 12-3 Patriots 27-24. The unexpected ending gave the Chiefs’ a first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the postseason after the Ravens lost in the divisional round.

Maybe the Chiefs wouldn’t have won Super Bowl LIV last season without the Dolphins’ help.

The Chiefs certainly were grateful.

Coach Andy Reid had some Kansas City barbeque delivered to Flores as a show of appreciation.

“So, I thought I’d just send him a little thought from Kansas City, you know,” Reid said in a conference call with Dolphins media this week, via Safid Deen of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “Kansas City is known for its barbeque, so no better present to get from the good Kansas City barbeque here.”

Flores enjoyed the fruits — or in this case meats — of victory.

“It was good barbeque. It went fast,” Flores said with a smile. “Had my brothers over. Not sure if we had some other people over. We enjoyed it. So, I was very thankful to Andy for that. And yeah, it went very quickly. K.C. barbeque is very good.”

18 responses to “Andy Reid sent Brian Flores barbeque after Miami’s win over Patriots last season

  1. They’re both great coaches and the Dolphins are lucky to have their first good head coach in a very, very long time.

  2. Hey, I’ll be staying in KC on Sunday night on my way to Denver. Where’s a great place I can get takeout barbecue?

  3. Guess Flores will have to send Andy one of Key West’s famous key lime pies when the Dolphins upset the Chiefs in this year’s playoffs.

  4. Must be tough the Pats hurt you so bad you gotta celebrate little things like this. Can see BB smirking but never so petty.

  5. Ill second Joe’s being the best in KC. Gates is good if you appreciate bold flavors the rest was disappointing given KCs reputation

  6. Skoliosis Sufferer says:
    December 11, 2020 at 10:06 pm
    Mmmmmm, now I want me some Jack Stack burnt ends!

    45 3 Rate This


    That stuff is tremendous.

  7. I call B.S. on this, we’re talking Andy Reid here. I’m sure in his heart of hearts he totally intended to send some BBQ to Flores and went over to his favorite BBQ for a gallon of cole slaw, sheet pan of cornbread, and four racks of ribs. On the drive home, he had to sample a full rack to make sure it tasted good, and you can’t have a rack of ribs without a shovel-full of slaw and a few bricks of cornbread. When he got home, he realized the box was way too small, so better have another rack so it doesn’t go to waste. Then geez- there’s mayo in the slaw so he better finish that so it doesn’t spoil during shipment, and he can’t just have slaw without another rack of ribs and a few more cornbread bricks. Now that box is TOO big, don’t want to waste a few dollars shipping a box of air. So he scrounges up one of those boxes used to ship checks for his checkbook (because he’s old like me, and pays all the bills by check), puts a small, dry square of cornbread inside, and next-day airs it to Flores. With all that hard work accomplished, Andy sits down for desert- the last rack of ribs.

  8. Imagine the willpower it must have took for Reid to have his hands on some barbecue and not eat it himself.

  9. Joe’s, Q39 are the best 2 BBQ joints in KC. Then Gates, Jack Stack, Slaps, Bryant’s are about the same but at the next tier.

  10. Can see BB smirking but never so petty.
    Never so petty? You mean so petty that he would hold Malcom Butler out of the SB against Philly which contributed to his team losing the game. That kind of petty?

  11. Go to LC’s, Gates or Arthur Bryant’s if you want true KC BBQ experience. Joe’s is Oklahoma BBQ made popular in a white neighborhood.

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