Richard Sherman reiterates its unlikely he’ll return with 49ers next year

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Richard Sherman wants to stay with the San Francisco 49ers in 2021. Head coach Kyle Shanahan wants Sherman to be back with the team as well.

However, Sherman knows that it’s highly unlikely that circumstance will be able to manifest itself as his contract is set to expire at the end of the season.

Sherman said over the weekend that he didn’t think he would be able to stay with the 49ers next year given their roster situation and team construction. Sherman expanded upon those thoughts on Thursday.

I know the salary cap,” Sherman said, via Ali Thanawall of NBC Sports Bay Area. “Dealing with the [NFLPA], dealing with the league. And I know their salary cap situation.”

Sherman serves as his own agent so he gets to deal directly with the team on contract matters. He knows which of his teammates are also due for new or restructured contracts and understands where he falls on the priority list. Having done that math, Sherman understands where he sits.

“Like I said when I had the conversation, I mean, if there’s some miracle that happens, sure, there’s an opening,” Sherman said. “But there’s 40 free agents, and they’ll probably have $30 million or less in cap [space]. They’ve got to bring back Trent [Williams], who costs over $20 million. They have to pay Fred [Warner], who costs $18 million-plus a year. And anybody who knows the situation understands that.”

13 responses to “Richard Sherman reiterates its unlikely he’ll return with 49ers next year

  1. I watched him get burned a dozen times on the pass to Davis. As much as he acted like someone else was suppose to help him he bit on the pump fake. Sucks getting old a you have to relay on your failing skills. I know I live with the same thing everyday.

  2. Smart man. The cap is going down, there is going to be a lot of cuts and an abundance of talent out on the market this offseason with less money to go around. I see a lot of FAs signing 1 year deals, whether at the end of their career, or “prove-it” deals in hopes of getting a bigger payday in the 2022 offseason (a la Tyrann Mathieu from HOU to KC).

  3. Don’t worry about those other guys, Richard.
    You just make sure you get YOURS. Don’t let them disrespect you, Richard.

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