Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin says they took Giants lightly

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks
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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin said Thursday that the New York Giants should not have beaten them this last weekend. But Griffin also said that the Seahawks didn’t sufficiently respect the opponent they were facing and it came back to bite them.

“That team was not supposed to beat us. Let’s be totally honest,” Griffin said of the 17-12 loss on Sunday. “They were not supposed to win that game, and we have to live with that. That’s the taste in our mouth that no one ever wants. That’s the part that you can’t go on with. We don’t want that feeling anymore.

“We let that game get the best of us. We came in taking the team lightly, just being totally honest. In this league, you can lose to anybody if you don’t play right. I feel like we took that game lightly, and our focus point now is just refocusing – treating every team the same, like a championship game that we preach about. We’ve just got to live by it.”

In some ways, it’s perfectly understandable. The Giants got off to an awful start to the year at 1-5 and lost running back Saquon Barkley for the season. Starting quarterback Daniel Jones was going to miss the game with a hamstring injury as Colt McCoy was getting the start instead. While they were coming to Seattle on a three-game winning streak, those wins came against fellow NFC East fodder Washington and Philadelphia, and a Joe Burrow-less Cincinnati Bengals team.

They shouldn’t have beat the Seahawks, but the team that showed up on Sunday beat them straight up. The Giants Defense kept Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Offense in check and Wayne Gallman and the rushing attack broke through with a few key big plays to fuel the victory for New York.

Griffin’s comments also run contrary to Pete Carroll’s mantra of wanting to treat every week “like a championship opportunity.” Griffin hopes that being blunt about what happened will help avoid a repeat occurrence.

“You’ve got to attack it head on,” Griffin said. “You’ve got people who want to beat around the bush a little bit and shy away from what is actually going on, what actually happened. What’s great about this team and this organization is we don’t do that.”

11 responses to “Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin says they took Giants lightly

  1. I understand what he is saying completely. However, there is a chance these two teams could see each other again in the playoffs & that is some serious “billboard” juice for the Giants locker room if they do.

  2. How do you get this point across to players? It’s like telling a boxer to keep his hands up. Anyone can knock you out if you take them lightly.

  3. Who in the world does he think he is? I watch him play every week and he certainly not good enough to take anyone litely. He’s not tough, isn’t a ballhawk and doesn’t tackle very well. Three things a good DB should be.

  4. What ever happened to: “every game is a championship opportunity?” Seattle just blew their championship opportunity for #1 playoff seed.

    Also, Carroll-Schneider should have better anticipated injuries to the offensive line, and re-signed center Justin Britt.

  5. Not buying it. Maybe the first half, but after regrouping at half time and adjusting the game plan, they should have realized at that point that they were in for a fight, but they still lost. Sounds like an excuse to me.

  6. See you in the Wild Card round, Seattle. Giants are 4 seed and Seahawks are 5. You’ll get a chance to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

  7. The honesty is appreciated as a fan. However, we all realize it doesn’t matter at all until they get things figured out. My general impression is that that loss fell mostly on the offense. The defense could have been better but it seems to me they were showing the signs of fatigue when Gallman had his big plays. If the Seahawks could run the ball with any success, eat some clock, this game would likely have been different.

  8. Here are the two key facts of the game:
    1 – the Seahawks went right down the field on the opening drive, but the Giants defense stiffened and held them to a field goal.
    2 – the Giants defense then held the Seahawks offense scoreless until 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

    That’s primarily why the Giants won. But when you can keep a QB like Russell Wilson not just in check but playing with some concern that he’ll get sacked again, you’ve also beaten your opponent mentally as well as physically.

  9. The Seahawks haven’t looked good since maybe week 5. They barely beat the Ealges before the Giants game. I don’t know how a team that had such a bad month of football can take anyone lightly.

    Wilson is seeing ghosts and not trusting any of his reads. If the running game and defense don’t help out until he can get somewhat right the Jets actually have a chance at their first win.

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