Trent Williams: No grudges for WFT, people I had issues with are gone

Buffalo Bills v San Francisco 49ers
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49ers left tackle Trent Williams did not play for Washington during his final year with the organization and left the team under a cloud of bad feelings.

Williams was unhappy about how the team’s medical staff handled a cancerous growth on his head as well and also was at odds with the team over his desire for a new contract, but he said those things aren’t on his mind heading into Sunday’s game against his former team.

“I won’t sit here and hold grudges for no reason,” Williams said, via “The people I had an issue with, they’re not there. The people who helped instigate the situation are no longer a part of the organization. . . . I didn’t have an issue with those guys in the locker room. Those guys in the locker room supported me from Day 1 until now. They publicly showed support and privately showed support. I have nothing to prove to those guys who are going to be taking the field.”

Williams met with Washington head coach Ron Rivera before being traded to the 49ers and said he was “very professional” while adding that the two men were on “different pages” when it came to moving forward.

9 responses to “Trent Williams: No grudges for WFT, people I had issues with are gone

  1. This article was oddly refreshing! All these diva WR’s and DB’s should hang out with Trent Williams more.

  2. A man of principals. You can’t argue with Trent’s position on this matter & his conviction to see it through.

  3. Ron Rivera – the epitome of professionalism. Bruce Allen fed Trent nothing but BS. RR I am sure was honest and direct. He is a leader of men.

  4. We all know it was truly about money anyhow. No Captain carries himself the way Trent did unless money is involved.

  5. WFT should have an issue with the way the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan acted after last year’s win in DC.

    I hope they players from last year’s team have had this game circled and are ready to open up a can this weekend.

  6. What a measured, responsible and reasonable response.

    Something that is very lacking in the Sports World.

    This man has a real sense of reality and the nature of the Industry.

  7. neutral28, you must not realize that he is the reason Alex Smith almost lost his leg.

  8. RussianBreadMaker

    You must not realize this is a game of football played by the biggest and strongest men in this world. Injuries happen. It’s a very physical game in which many get, and will continue to get inured. Regardless of what tackle is or isn’t on the field of play

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