Mitchell Trubisky outplays Deshaun Watson as Bears thump Texans

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears
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For one day, at least, Mitchell Trubisky was better than Deshaun Watson.

Trubisky, the much-maligned quarterback whom the Bears selected in the 2017 NFL draft, 10 picks before the Texans selected Watson, played very well today in a 36-7 win over the Texans. Trubisky completed 24 of 33 passes for 267 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions. It was one of his best games as a Bear.

Watson had an ugly game in a disastrous performance for Houston. His numbers don’t look terrible — 21-of-30 for 220 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions — but a lot of those yards came in garbage time, and he was also sacked six times.

The win improves the Bears’ record on the season to 6-7 and allows them to cling to their slim playoff hopes. The Texans drop to 4-9, and they’re going nowhere fast. The only focus in Houston should be on figuring out how to put a team around Watson that doesn’t see him get sacked six times in blowout losses in 2021 and beyond.

25 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky outplays Deshaun Watson as Bears thump Texans

  1. He still sucks I guess the mccasky family will bring back trubisky pace and Nagy because they think trubisky is better than Watson

  2. No need to minimize the win by this passive aggressive backhanded thing by saying ” derrr for one game atleast” blah blah. You know what, call it like it is. The bears kicked the living crap out of houston. Mitch Trubisky had a fantastic game and was measurably better in every which way and that should be commended. Last I checked Deshaun “aint got no” Superbowls either chief. A few years in the league “does not a career make” either. I’ll take the bears future any-day

  3. Amazing what can happen when Nagy gives up the playcalling, the play are in quicker, Mitch gets plays that suit him and Montgomery shows what he can do when he’s given the rock. Oh – and the TE’s weren’t too shabby either!! BEAR DOWN

  4. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Perhaps Chuck Dickens can shed some light on today’s Trubisky performance. Or will it just further confuse what the Bears should do with Nagy and Trubisky? Regardless, in either case, Pace should still be sent to the guillotine. (Euphemistically of course)

  5. grogansheroes says:
    December 13, 2020 at 4:10 pm
    One game does not a career make.
    It pretty did for Nick Foles


    Will NOT save the jobs of the 3 Stooges:

    Ryan “Moe” Pace
    Matt “Curly” Nagy
    Mitch “Larry” Trubisky.

  7. As I said before the season, let’s see how Watson plays without the best WR in the NFL. Not so good me thinks.

  8. 126.7 Passer rating, Have a Day Mitch!

    Amazing what playoff surrounding teams can do for QB development. Mahomes/Watson both stepped into playoff teams, Trubisky walked into the John Fox rebuild throwing to wide outs like Josh Bellamy (Federal Fraud Charges) and Kendal Wright (2017 being his last pro year).

    It was good to see a win today, albeit at a cost of draft position. Assuming the team will look completely different next year.

  9. Good for Mitch. Sorry but Watson is no Mahomes. As for those bandwagon Bears fans that want the team to tank please go root for another team

  10. I am glad that the Bears took Mitch over Watson. At least they are not stuck with an albatross of a contract, like Watsons or Wentz

  11. Mitch is probably going to be one of these QB’s who end up being decent. Maybe not a “Franchise” but better than average as he plays more. I think it’ll Also depend on who coaches him next year. I wouldn’t completely rule him out quite yet.

  12. Watson has nothing around him this year. Trubisky has been okay this year, and the coaches and O-line haven’t done him any favors. He still needs everything to go well around him and he can’t read zone defenses, but it doesn’t mean he’s terrible. He just is what he is. People blaming everything on him haven’t watched him actually play, but also thinking he’s a good QB is a stretch. However, Nagy has stubbornly refused to adjust the offense to what he does do well for his whole careers with him. Maybe we haven’t seen what he can really do, either. Some QBs do fine without really reading full defenses.

  13. P.S. Watson with what the Bears had on the field today vs the Texans offense would have had like 6 TDs and 500 yards

  14. The Bottom line Xney is Trubisky came out for the Draft one year too early. And Thankfully the Browns did not draft him. I saw him play in High school, I saw him in College, and thought with the game on the line he is not Clutch and so far in his career he has proven just that. What did the Browns do but past up on Watson Twice, plus passed up on Mahomes.
    Thinking Deshone Kizer was a better prospect then Watson. Who played Alabama toe to toe in two National Title games.

  15. A bunch of you fans are in nowhere land. This wasn’t a game of Quarterbacks. It takes 11 on each side of the ball and good play calling. Houston came in with their skeleton crew. Their best players on both offense and defense were out of the game. That is about the only way Trubisky will look good…
    It is time for a reality check. Trubisky is going nowhere and the same could be said about the bears. The best that can happen is for Pace and Naggy to be fired. Pace does not have a good track record in drafting players in the 1st round. I hope he isn’t around for the next draft. As for Naggy….ok..maybe he had one good game in play calling ….in how many seasons? Get out of town. He needs to go.
    I tell it like it is. You don’t like it? Too bad

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