Cam Newton: I’m not going to throw Josh McDaniels under the bus

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A few days after browbeating the Chargers 45-0, the Patriots came back to the Southern California stadium and lost to the Rams 24-3. New England could barely muster anything offensively, and the Patriots inserted Jarrett Stidham at quarterback in the fourth quarter to relieve Cam Newton.

In four of New England’s last five games, Newton hasn’t reached 120 yards passing — something basically unheard of in today’s NFL when teams are throwing it more effectively than ever before. In two of those games, which the Patriots won, Newton had fewer than 85 yards passing.

But last Thrusday, the Rams stifled the Patriots run game and the pass didn’t work well either.

So in an interview on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show on Monday, Neewton was asked about offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels’ play calling, particularly a series of plays inside the five-yard line where no passes were called.

Newton didn’t take the cheese in an answer that spanned four minutes in totality.

“One thing that’s not going to happen, and let me be perfectly clear, you’re not about to create any type of division between me and Josh McDaniels,” Newton said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “There’s been times where, as a player, you kind of bail your coach out because of the plays that you may make. But more times than not, Josh has bailed the whole team out because of his theory and his in-game adjustments. So it’s give and take.

“[For] me to sit up here and throw a person that I admire in Josh under the bus and say, ‘He should have called more passes,’ no I’m not going to do that, man. I’m not going to do that. because I know just as much as the energy that I know goes into me wanting to win, I know Josh shares that same thing. And I know he wants to put this team in the best situation to win. And that’s the only thing you can ask for.”

The Patriots currently rank 24th in total offense, 29th in passing yards, and last in passing touchdowns, so there’s clearly more than one thing at play in its offensive failures. But at least for now, the Patriots, Newton, and McDaniels have three games to make it work and see if they can finish above .500.

17 responses to “Cam Newton: I’m not going to throw Josh McDaniels under the bus

  1. Cam can’t even connect on touch passes, screens, slants, or crossing routes. He was a horrible fit that’s only a Patriot because of his 1 million dollar contract.

  2. Meanwhile Tom Brady is leading the league in completions and TD passes. He actually has a fleet of great receivers this year. Guess Bellichek wasn’t the key to all those glory years…

  3. Honestly McDaniels is not the problem. It’s Cam. He has not for the last month been able to hit the open receiver. He sails 3 or 4 balls a game over people’s heads or into the ground at their feet.
    Cam is playing hurt, but if he can not perform, then he should be on the bench. IMHO Stidham gives the Patriots a better chance to win, and they need to see if he is the answer. Cam clearly isn’t.

  4. The reason McDaniels calls four running plays inside the six is that he has zero confidence in Newtons ability to throw the football. The sad part is that Newton is not even that dynamic of a runner any longer.

  5. Newton is terrible. He is what McDaniels was given to work with. How much more can he dumb it down for him? There’s no reason to throw McDaniels under the bus. He’s tried to keep it as simple as possible for Newton,and it’s not working 90% of the time.

  6. I wish the Patriots would stop shopping in the bargain basement for skill positions. It just doesn’t work. They got what they paid for.

  7. I have yet to see anything Stidham has done in an actual game that wows me. Can may not be able to throw the ball, but Stidham seems in very little time to be confused when he’s at the helm.
    Sucks Cam is a shell of his former self. They might of knocked some teams around had he been the Cam of old.

  8. Let the Stid era begin.”

    And by “era” we mean “until they can draft or sign basically anybody else”.

  9. Outside the box.
    Stidham starts as QB.
    Cam is RB.
    Anything can happen on any play.
    Nothing to lose at this point.

  10. Cam Newton used to be pretty good and that was a looooonnnnggg time ago. Put a fork in him he’s done.

  11. I’ll bet the team and the fans miss TB. And while TB is not the TB of yesteryear, he sure is better than anything the Patriots have at QB. Wonder what BB is going to do about the QB position next year. He certainly has to do something, he’s got nothing at this point.

  12. They need to draft a QB and part with some money for a good bridge QB to start until the kid is ready. Stafford, Prescott, unless he’s tagged ,or even get Garopplo back…they are possibilities. This year watching them play with Newton has been brutal ,but I know that all good things come to an end. I certainly can’t complain about the past 20 years.

  13. Newton hasn’t been good, but most of the reason he stands there holding the ball is nobody is open or they ran the wrong routes. Stidham isn’t gonna remedy that, even if he could play. Mahomes couldn’t win with Belichick’s group of ‘weapons’ either.

  14. Isn’t saying that he’s not going to let the interviewer ‘create any type of division’ actually creating division?

    It’s like the old when they say it’s not about sex, it’s exactly about sex.

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