NFC East no longer the worst division ever

Washington Football Team v San Francisco 49ers
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For most of this season, the NFC East appeared to be not just the worst division in the NFL, but the worst division in NFL history. That’s no longer the case.

After Washington, Dallas and Philadelphia all won on Sunday, the NFC East teams are now a combined 19-32-1, a .375 winning percentage. That beats the worst cumulative record in NFL history for a division, set by the 2008 NFC West, which went 22-42, a .344 winning percentage.

There are still three more NFC East vs. NFC East games this season (Cowboys-Eagles in Week 16, Giants-Cowboys in Week 17 and Eagles-Football Team in Week 17), so the worst record the division could possibly have is 22-41-1. At worst, the 2020 NFC East will finish half a game better than the 2008 NFC West.

Washington is now the clear favorite to win the division. That’s a surprise, but the Football Team is playing much better football now than early in the season. The wild card team that draws the NFC East winner will not have an easy road game in the first round of the playoffs.

9 responses to “NFC East no longer the worst division ever

  1. After a messed up year 2020 has been , it seems fitting for a one year WFT to win the super bowl 😀

  2. Between weeks 11-13, the NFC East had the best combined record of all divisions. Good thing we didn’t jump to conclusions and make any rule changes based on half a season.

  3. That’s unfortunate. I was hoping to see an apocalyptically bad division set an all-time record.

  4. Washington has the best defense in that division no question about it. I would bring in another quarterback though because Haskins is awful.

  5. Hooray ! We won’t be the worst division ever! We are the BEST division for QB rotations & injuries…yeah!

  6. OK, so the division can;t set a worst ever record. The division winner can still be under .500 and the cowpokes can still come in last – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

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