Nine rushing touchdowns between Ravens-Browns ties for most in NFL history

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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The Ravens have scored five rushing touchdowns. The Browns have scored four rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown.

That ties for the most rushing touchdowns in a single game in NFL history. Both other games came in 1922, according to NFL Research.

The teams are the first in NFL history each to have four or more rushing touchdowns in the same game.

They still have 6:33 to break the record.

Baker Mayfield has the most recent touchdown, scoring on a 5-yard run to give the Browns a 35-34 lead. Nick Chubb has two rushing touchdowns and Kareem Hunt one for the Browns.

Lamar Jackson, who remains in the locker room with cramps, has two rushing touchdowns. Gus Edwards also has two, and J.K. Dobbins has one.

3 responses to “Nine rushing touchdowns between Ravens-Browns ties for most in NFL history

  1. 89 combined points! 87 offensive! This was an exciting game. Lamar missed two possessions and we still won. Tucker is the man. Great game Cleveland, you might have finally arrived to the big boy table of the AFCN.

  2. No dog in this fight but best game of the year for sure. Somebody had to lose the game. The only real losers were bettors who didn’t figure on that safety at the end of the game….

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