Source: There was no incident between Jon Gruden, Paul Guenther

NFL: DEC 16 Raiders at Bengals
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The sudden and abrupt firing of Raiders defensive coordinator Paul Guenther on Sunday night, with the team’s next game coming on Thursday night, invites speculation that something happened between Guenther and coach Jon Gruden — especially in light of the catalyst for the firing of Giants offensive line coach Marc Colombo last month.

Something like profane language, hostile gestures, and/or a Seinfeld vs. Costanza-style slap fight.

One source with knowledge of the situation says there was no incident, no argument, no scuffle or brouhaha or fracas or anything like that. Instead, Gruden simply called Guenther last night and informed him of the move.

It’s unclear why it’s happening with three games left. The Raiders have lost mostly to good teams; the 43-6 defeat at Atlanta was fueled not by a defensive collapse but by six turnovers from the offense. They also beat several very good teams, including the Chiefs, Saints, and Browns. (The Raiders held Cleveland to six points.)

The real question is this: Will the defense be any better with defensive line coach Rod Marinelli running it? He has three days to figure out a plan for beating the Chargers, with games after that against the Dolphins and Broncos.

With Guenther, a playoff berth had become a longshot. It’s hard to envision the chances of qualifying being any better with Marinelli taking over the defense.

That said, the move shifts the focus away from the fact that the offense simply hasn’t been as good as it needs to be, creating the impression that the struggles flow not from the side of the ball for which Gruden is responsible. The side of the ball, as will be explained later today, where most of the money has been invested.

18 responses to “Source: There was no incident between Jon Gruden, Paul Guenther

  1. The offense has been decent, but half the time they’re playing catchup due to the terrible showing of the defense.

    The offense has to score on every drive as if they don’t they’ll lose due to the defense. Allowing 200+ yards rushing yet again is pathetic, theres no pass rush. Arden Key has started a fair few games over his career and check his sack total.

    The secondary is getting ripped apart, Cory Littleton who on paper was a great signing in the offseason due to his run stopping has been awful.

    One of the worst Raiders defenses of all time. Thank god Guenther is gone

  2. It had to be done because the defense has sucked. No pass rush, no run defense, no improvement!

  3. It is a sacrifice fire to please the mobs. If you think it is all on one coach you know nothing about this game.

  4. I agree that It’s not all one coaches fault. Obviously they need better players. But coaching is about improving not regression and these guys are not getting better over the last three years. Gruden and Mayock deserve a lot of blame too for poor drafting/free agents for a pass rush that is beyond bad.

  5. Have you watched any of their games. They don’t look like they get coached on that side of the ball most weeks, and it’s been that way since he’s been their DC.

  6. Foe every problem there is a solution. Waiting to see what it is. Reality is D-line has been the raiders biggest problem.

  7. When you have a defense that allows 24+ points every week its hard to be an offense that can put up those points consistently. Its a lot of pressure to have to play nearly perfect every week. If the raiders had a top 15 defense they would be looking at 9-3 or better

  8. They fired the wrong coach. Take a look at Gruden? What has he really done? Not much in terms of wins.

  9. Anyone questioning the firing of Guentuer has not been paying attention to the Raiders. I can’t believe you’re trying to make it sound like the offense is the reason for some of these loses. Truly unbelievable.

  10. There didn’t NEED to be an incident between Gruden and Guenther, there’s almost 3 years of tape to see!

  11. fluiddarkness says:
    December 14, 2020 at 2:21 pm
    That D is terrible after trading away Mack.


    The defense was terrible with Mack

  12. Wade Phipps is hired off-season as DC and assistant head coach.

    You heard it here first.

  13. “Sudden and abrupt???? It’s unclear why it’s happening with three games left???”

    Talk about living under a rock!

    Gruden has commented at the horrendous play of the D for several weeks now. He also metioned prior to the half that the “D” gave up nearly 300 yards which tells me the firing has been under consideration. I don’t see this as sudden or abrupt, or question why the firing is s unclear as it was way past due, and they aren’t winning any games with that type of D play.

  14. Their run D is awful. Their DBs tackle with their heads and get concussed. The #! pick DE out of Clemson has regressed this year. Their best LB is from D2 and just doing it on instinct.
    Gruden saw that their RB1 was taking it easy so puts in Booker to show him how it’s done. All of a sudden is RAC is back to what it was a year ago.

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