Texans will consult with Deshaun Watson on next coach

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The Texans need a new General Manager. They need a new head coach. They have a franchise quarterback, one to whom they committed $111 million in guarantees and one they hope to keep longer than the next five years.

Deshaun Watson makes the Texans’ job attractive, and considering the draft picks and the cap space they don’t have for 2021, he might be the only attraction.

So it makes sense owner Cal McNair is consulting with Watson about the candidates to replace Bill O’Brien, whom the Texans fired Oct. 5.

“I mean, they just put a lot of trust in me and what things he wants and what I want, and just as a whole, as an organization where we want to go forward from here,” Watson said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “We’ve got to make decisions and go from there. But yeah, that was pretty much it. A lot of respect between me and Mr. McNair.”

Watson isn’t on the search committee, which includes McNair and team president Jamey Rootes, or the group of advisors, which includes Tony Dungy and Jimmy Johnson. But Watson is a valuable part of the organization, and McNair has made clear to his quarterback that Watson’s opinion matters.

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  1. A player should ever have any input on who the next head coach is, doesn’t matter who
    they are.

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