Daryl Johnston: Carson Wentz “really misses Frank Reich”

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles
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At a time when low-level dot-connection suggests that the Colts could be the best place for Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz to get a fresh start, there’s reason to believe that Wentz would indeed flourish in Indianapolis.

FOX analyst Daryl Johnston worked Sunday’s game between the Eagles and Saints, and he made an interesting observation during the broadcast regarding Wentz.

I think he really misses Frank Reich, more than a lot of people want to admit,” Johnston said. “I think that there was a bond and a connection there based on their strong Christian faith, that took them beyond coach-teammate relationship.”

The dance already has begun regarding the possibility of Wentz being traded to the Colts. The Eagles have put out the word that they want to keep Wentz, a key first step in maximizing Philly’s leverage. In turn, Reich (who served as offensive coordinator with the Eagles before becoming head coach of the Colts) has said that 39-year-old Colts quarterback Philip Rivers has multiple good years of football left, a key first step in maximizing Indy’s leverage.

Regardless of whether the Colts and Reich make a play for Wentz, here’s one certainty: If Reich isn’t interested in a reunion with Wentz, any other team considering the possibility of acquiring Wentz should tread lightly.

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  1. You will always have different coaches in your career. If you need a particular coach you will fail but I don’t think the coach is the problem.

  2. I don’t buy that QBs can “get right”. Who’s ever done it before? Wentz is overrated and always has been. Colts should keep rolling with Rivers and draft someone.

  3. Rivers has played well for the Colts and has a chance to win it all. Even if he doesnt, the Colts will bring him back if he wants to continue. The Steeler game and Titans/Packers game, could determine the division winner …

  4. Wentz will have to agree to a sharply reduced contract post trade for any deal to happen.

    Nobody will pay top dollar for a backup hoping to get another chance to see if he can be starting level again. Especially with Wentz’s injury history.

  5. The two organizations speaking publicly about their quarterbacks doesn’t do anything leverage-wise that they couldn’t accomplish in a private conversation. It simply deflects the media from continuing to pester them about future scenarios.

  6. The worst thing that could have happened to Went was the Eagles winning the Super Bowl with his backup, it destroyed him and frankly it would have destroyed any player. Same with Peterson gifting the starting job back to Wentz without allowing a fair competition between Foles and Wentz, Pederson lost the team with that move. Ironic how winning the championship made the whole team implode.

  7. I think that Reich is the Quarterback Whiperer.

    When Reich was with Philly, Wentz played great. When Wentz got injured, Nick Foles stepped in and played great. But when Foles was with LA, he played terribly. But when he got to play under Reich in Philly, he looked unstoppable.

    I think that Indy is the place for Wentz. I think that he’ll do great with Reich. If he goes there and fails, he’s likely done with the NFL.

  8. Damn near everyone in the Philly area knows that the Eagles, Wentz and Peterson miss Reich. They haven’t been the same since Reich and John DeFilippo left. That was the parting shot by the Patriots. Josh McDaniel reneged on the Colts. The Colts moved on and poached Frank Reich.
    The Eagles say they want to keep Wentz (if Hurtz keeps producing) and the Colts say that they don’t need him. Both teams are lying. This is NFL 101, never reveal what your plans are.

  9. Coaches have such a huge impact. Look at the Broncos Garett Bolles who was a terrible bust and then a year with Mike Munchak and he gets a big contract. For QBs, look at Alex Smith pre and post-Harbaugh. Derek Carr has returned to his early career form when he looked promising after a couple years with Gruden. Jared Goff, Rich Gannon, etc.

  10. terrystown says:
    December 15, 2020 at 11:32 am
    I don’t buy that QBs can “get right”. Who’s ever done it before? Wentz is overrated and always has been. Colts should keep rolling with Rivers and draft someone.


    Who’s ever done it before? Jim Plunkett, Steve Young, Rich Gannon, Kurt Warner, Randall Cunningham, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Michael Vick, Carson Palmer, Alex Smith, Nick Foles, and probably dozens more. All guys who found success or exceeded past success after changing teams.

    Wentz may be overrated, but it’s very possible that a change of scenery could do him good.

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