Kevin Stefanski isn’t interested in moral victories

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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The Browns are having their best season in more than a decade and they are on the cusp of making the playoffs for the first time since 2002, but no one in Celeveland is celebrating on Tuesday morning.

Monday night’s thriller against the Ravens ended with Baltimore getting a 47-42 win in a game that saw the Browns come from two scores down in the fourth quarter to take a lead that they’d lose after Lamar Jackson‘s reappearance from the locker room. In the wake of the loss, one talking point was about how far the Browns had come this season.

They lost 38-6 to the Ravens in a Week 1 matchup that did little to suggest the team would have as successful a season as they have had, but head coach Kevin Stefanski wasn’t taking any positives from the different results because the team “came here to get a victory, and we did not.”

“I do not want to go down the moral victories [path],” Stefanski said in his postgame press conference. “We lost. We got beat. Proud of the guys and how they battled — I really am — but I just look at all the mistakes that we made, and we have to correct them. For us to reflect on Week 1 to Week 13, I do not think we are really in that mind frame.”

Those outside the organization can look at the change in circumstances since September and see Monday night’s loss as a positive sign of the Browns being able to trade punches with anyone. Stefanski and the Browns will be focused on the fact that they didn’t land the final blow as they turn their attention toward the Giants.