NFLPA extends scheduled sunset of disability benefits out three years

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The NFL Players Association has voted to delay the termination of a certain set of disability benefits for former players another three years.

In the new CBA signed in March, there was a provision that would eliminate benefits for close to 400 former players that also received Social Security benefits.

“The NFLPA Executive Committee and Board of Player Representatives voted unanimously to amend the 2020 CBA and extend the effective date for the Social Security offset of “Inactive A” disability benefits from January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2024,” the union said in a statement. “This was done after a careful review by the Executive Committee and negotiations with the NFL by our union. Our Board also voted to amend the section related to the neurocognitive benefit to ensure that vested players and non-vested players have fairer access to the benefit.”

The provision in the CBA has been the subject of a pair of lawsuits since the CBA’s ratification. A lawsuit from Don Majkowski and Aveion Cason centers on the effects of the provision and the loss of around $2,000 a month to former players affected by the change. Meanwhile, a lawsuit from Eric Reid focuses on language surrounding the provision changing from the version of the CBA that was passed by the players and the final CBA that was ultimately ratified 10 days later.

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