Roger Goodell: NFL has no plans to vaccinate personnel prior to Super Bowl


The NFL has faced periodic questions about its access to COVID-19 testing. The NFL apparently will face no questions about its access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are not planning on any of our personnel being vaccinated in advance of the Super Bowl,” Goodell said Monday in a Super Bowl press event with Tampa media. “That’s obviously being done at higher levels and given priority to healthcare workers and first responders and those that are in the riskiest state. We don’t fall into those categories, so we don’t anticipate that and we’re not planning for that.”

While vaccinations would help the NFL minimize the issues relating to the virus, the current COVID-19 protocols are working, even though some teams have been required to play with less than a full roster of their best players.

As it relates to testing, criticism of the league is misplaced. The NFL created its own testing capacity by paying for it. No public resources have been compromised; if the NFL hadn’t purchased its own tests, those tests wouldn’t exist.

For vaccines, it’s different. There are only so many doses available, and the league can’t pay for its own inventory of vaccine that otherwise wouldn’t exist. So the NFL and its personnel will land in the same categories as the rest of us, with some getting priority and others having to wait.

5 responses to “Roger Goodell: NFL has no plans to vaccinate personnel prior to Super Bowl

  1. Why would anyone think the NFL players, coaches, etc. should get vaccinated before the general population?

  2. dadsource says:
    December 15, 2020 at 1:09 pm
    Seriously? They get rapid covid tests. Mine took 23 days to come back negative. 23!

    It’s right there in the article; the NFL paid for testing capacity.

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