Aaron Rodgers: Third MVP award would definitely mean a lot

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of just nine players to have ever won NFL Most Valuable Player honors twice.

Winning a third MVP and joining an even more exclusive club is still a goal for the 37-year old Rodgers as he is one of the favorites to win the award heading into the final three weeks of the season.

There’s not many guys who have won three, so that would definitely mean a lot,” Rodgers said Wednesday, via Zach Kruse of PackersWire.com.

In fact, there’s only been five players to have won the MVP award three times. Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown have each won the award exactly three times while Peyton Manning took home five MVPs during his 18-year NFL career. Joe Montana, Steve Young and Kurt Warner are the other two-time winners along with Rodgers.

The 2020 MVP award seems likely to either end up as Rodgers’ third or the second time Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has taken home the honor. With the three games left, the two quarterbacks are the favorites to win the award at season’s end.

Rodgers is having one of the best seasons of his career. He leads the league in passing touchdowns with 39 and could break his single-season record of 45 by the end of the year. He’s accomplished that while throwing just four interceptions and racking up 3,685 yards through 13 games. He also leads the league is passer rating at 119.7.

Mahomes is having a fantastic year as well. He leads the league in passing yards with 4,208 and has thrown 33 touchdowns with just five interceptions, three of which came last weekend against Miami.

Rodgers subscribes to the textual meaning of the award. It should go to the player that is the most valuable to his team in a given season. Rodgers said he is glad to be back in the conversation after a comparatively down last two seasons statistically. But he feels his spot in the running this year reflects the way he’s played and lifted the Packers to the top of the NFC race.

“I think it should live up to what it stands for as an acronym,” Rodgers said. “It’s that person who is most valuable to their team. I feel like that’s why I should be in the competition most years, and this year especially.”

46 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Third MVP award would definitely mean a lot

  1. Rodgers is obsessed with personal accolades, awards, and demands acknowledgment. Only athlete ever to announce how much he wants the MVP award. And people wonder why he calls audibles out of running plays at the goal line to pad his stats. He is pathetic.

  2. Should be called the 1 man team award. Henry won’t win it because Tannehill can carry the team if he is out.

  3. Of course it would Aaron, we know you love your stats and records. The right thing to say would be he’s focused on getting a Super Bowl MVP, but it wouldn’t hurt to have the season MVP too. But he’s talking about it like that’s his main goal.

  4. You may be the most valuable player to your team, but only an arrogant one would come out and declare it themselves. Ever tried humility?

  5. Wow, Rodgers sure has put a lot it thought into this individual award. Never heard him talk about wanting a Lombardi that bad.

  6. Joe Montana, Steve Young and Kurt Wagner are the other two-time winners along with Rodgers.

    I guess it takes three MVPs before you get any respect.

  7. Guy always put awards before winning. Notice Patrick mahomes is busy winning championships and Rogers isn’t! Notice?

  8. C’mon Aaron, the last guy to win the MVP and Superbowl in the same year was Kurt Warner in 1999-2000. Every other guy got to accept the award after losing in the playoffs the week or two before, or go on to lose in the Superbowl the week after. Let’s bring home the Lombardi this year!

  9. He should be the front runner. He’s doing a lot more with a lot less. He’s playing outstanding. Anyone that disagrees, just doesn’t like GB. Simple.

  10. Imaging Rodger’s stats if his young receivers didn’t have all the drops. Mahomes is great, no doubt, but clearly has more weapons.

  11. The guy is a great player and hall of famer, but these pats on the back he gives himself never endear him to anyone, even if they’re true.

  12. Without Rodgers the Packers wouldnt be in the playoffs,he makes average players play better.the Chiefs on the other hand would make the playoffs without Mahomes as they have superior talent on both sides of the ball so its logical that Rodgers should be awarded the MVP for keeping the Packers in the playoffs this year.

  13. It’s funny to see all the haters jump on Rodgers when they really don’t even understand what he said. That last quote wasn’t ego, it was a direct shot at the team for failing to put any meaningful talent around him for the last 12 years. Name a single defensive star we signed or developed over that time. What about a rb? TE? The guy has done more with less than anyone in the league.

  14. You can have it – Tom Brady

    Brady knows that award is a cursed award and would rather win the Superbowl MVP.

  15. Any successful person will tell you that to be the best, you have to beat the best. That takes confidence, talent, and yes – a little arrogance.

    So what if he wants to earn a 3rd MVP? Did he EVER come out and say that a MVP award was more important than another Super Bowl? No, he didn’t.

    Those of you who are reading way to much into this answer to a question HE WAS ASKED are either 1)just complete Rodgers haters where nothing will ever change your mind about him and/or 2) people who are absolutely mediocre in life and have no idea what it takes to succeed.

  16. nhpats2011 says:
    December 17, 2020 at 9:53 am

    Peyton Manning won 5 MVPs…..and he also had 9 one-and-dones

    Okay, so what’s your point?

  17. “the player that is the most valuable to his team in a given season”. Dah? In GB that would be AR hands down. But the MVP is about the LEAGUE MVP. And that you’re not with one of the easiest schedules in the league. Look this is the same team as last year by AR’s own admission. So they’ll be done by round two. You read it here first!

  18. “It’s that person who is most valuable to their team. I feel like that’s why I should be in the competition most years” – – Yea.. Okay..

    Davante Adams is the best WR in 2020, just saying…

  19. Aaron is 37 years old. You’d think he’s over individual accolades and just wants to win Super Bowls at this stage, but apparently not.

    The Chiefs are favored to finish the season 15-1. If that happens and Mahomes throws for over 5k yards (which he is easily on pace for), it’s his.

  20. Peyton Manning won 5 MVPs…..and he also had 9 one-and-dones

    Okay, so what’s your point?

    I think his point is Rodgers should be more focused on winning a SB than an MVP. Not that he has said he isn’t

    The fact is people jump on what Rodgers says fairly or unfairly as he is an arrogant, unlikeable person. Aside from James jones, do any former teammates really have anything good to say about Aaron?

    Hell of a QB though

  21. What would you say when an interviewer asks you, “what would winning a third MVP mean to you?”

  22. Can you imagine paying someone like Kirk Cousins nearly the same amount of money?

    That’s something only pathetic, farm league franchises do.

  23. What would you say when an interviewer asks you, “what would winning a third MVP mean to you?”

    I would say “I am the best player on my team and I deserve this award most years” .. but that’s just me, but I’m a narcissist

  24. Funny how the haters jump on a comment as if Rodgers just brought up the topic on his own to toot his own horn. When in reality he’s responding to questions that are asked of him. How do you think he’s going to respond — that it would suck to receive a third MVP?

    Haters gonna hate.

  25. It’s just great to see Rodgers playing at an MVP level even it he doesn’t win the award, after so many last year suggesting he was washed up or that he couldn’t get a long with the head coach. It’s just fun to watch. Mahomes may end up with multiple MVPs, but it would be good to have #12 win his third.

  26. “Rodgers doesn’t have it anymore”, they said.
    “The Packers window is closed”, they said.

    And Aaron made them all seethe with rage, each week another soul crushing performance for all his angry little naysayers.

    I’m enjoying being right once again. Told you so.

  27. The Almighty Cabbage says:
    December 17, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    I knew this one would get the purples swinging from the trees.
    Yes, it’s that time of year again, when many other fans are so enraged at their team’s lost seasons, they’re compelled to crawl out and hurl their stones and shake their fists in anger over a player answering a few normal questions.

    The question about how much another Championship would mean to Aaron Rodgers has been answered by the QB numerous times over the past few seasons, including this one.
    The MVP question wasn’t an all or nothing query.
    But then again, the majority of the haters here aren’t very fluent in nuance.

    I especially enjoy just how triggered that cheesy fat guy gets whenever any Packer story hits this site.
    Can you imagine living with someone so unhinged?
    Hilarious. 🤣

  28. The biggest difference among all NFCN teams and their expectations for success is Aaron Rodgers.

    Nothing has changed.

  29. When I was a kid I had a game called Monday Night Football. It was played with call cards. On offense you would choose your play and your friend on defense would choose his play. When my team was on the 1 yard line I would choose the long bomb, while defense would pick to stop a running play. I would get the TD. The only people that care more about their stats are myself and aaron rodgers.

  30. I have enjoyed this season like few before it.

    This is some of the best offense I have ever seen. And as far as talent, this is one of the lease talented groups I’ve watched in 25 years. Player for player, compared to KC? Absurd to even discuss.

    I hope voters take that into account. If Mahomes wins, so be it. He is other-worldly. But Rodgers has been amazing this year.

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