Bill Belichick to Sean McVay after Patriots’ loss to Rams: “Great job, you killed us”

Los Angeles Rams defeat the New England Patriots 24-3 during a NFL football game.
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The Rams beat the Patriots 24-3 on Thursday night, and afterward Bill Belichick couldn’t do much more than concede that Sean McVay’s team got the best of his team.

Video of their post-game handshake shows Belichick congratulating McVay and acknowledging the significant gap between their teams.

“Great job. You killed us. You had a great plan. You’ve got a good team,” Belichick told McVay.

“I appreciate it,” McVay replied. “Thanks, coach.”

Belichick was on the winning end of his previous meeting with McVay, at Super Bowl LIII. But much has changed since then, and the rematch was no contest.

16 responses to “Bill Belichick to Sean McVay after Patriots’ loss to Rams: “Great job, you killed us”

  1. After being with Bill for 20 years, how come Brady didn’t learn to be that classy after a loss?

  2. As a Ram fan…been waiting to here Belichick say that to a Rams coach for, hmmm, about 20 years. Doesn’t quite make up for having your soul torn out TWICE, but it’s a start.

  3. McVay and Goff already have 40+ wins together, and their both still babies. Gonna be a great run out here in LA.

  4. stubborndata says:
    December 16, 2020 at 6:33 pm
    Jared Goff is the next Tom Brady. Mark my words.


    No one (especially Goff) is the next Tom Brady.

    Belichick spoke the truth about this game. It was a smothering and showed the gap in talent between the two teams at this point.

  5. Goff was drafted 1st overall – Brady the 6th round. Even if Goff has a similar level of success as Brady (unlikely), he could never be the “next Tom Brady” due to the high expectations associated with his draft position.

  6. Belichick doesn’t waste word when he speaks. He is a brilliant orator. I believe he got that from his mother, who was a linguist.

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