Bills can clinch first AFC East title since 1995 this week

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills’ long drought without a division title can come to an end this weekend.

A win over the Broncos on Saturday afternoon is all the team needs to secure the AFC East crown for the first time since the 1995 season. According to the NFL’s release about this week’s playoff scenarios, the Bills can also wrap up the division with a Dolphins loss to the Patriots or if both they and the Dolphins tie their games.

If the Bills lose and Dolphins win, the Bills can clinch a playoff spot with a Ravens loss to the Jaguars.

Two other teams can wrap up divisional titles this weekend. The Steelers will be AFC North champs with a win over the Bengals on Monday night or a Browns loss to the Giants on Sunday night. The Saints will win the NFC South by beating the Chiefs and they can wrap it up if they lose and the Bucs lose to the Falcons.

The Buccaneers have an outside shot at clinching a playoff spot. If they win and the Bears tie the Vikings, they will advance to the postseason.

The Titans have a few paths to the postseason, but none are totally in their control. They will move on to the postseason if they beat the Lions and the Ravens lose to the Jaguars. They can also get in with a win, a Raiders loss or tie in their game against the Chargers, a Dolphins loss, and a Browns win. A final Week 15 path involves the same results for them, the Raiders, and the Dolphins along with the Titans or Browns clinching the strength of victory tiebreaker over the Dolphins.

It’s more straightforward for the Rams and Seahawks. They are both in the playoffs with a win or if the Bears and Vikings tie. The NFC West cannot be settled this weekend, however.

23 responses to “Bills can clinch first AFC East title since 1995 this week

  1. I’m sure that sounds like a long time to other fans. Let me just confirm: that is a VERY LONG TIME.

    It certainly hasn’t been easy being a fan of this team, particularly through a 2 decade run of a division foe who happened to have the GOAT QB and coach. But a season like this makes it all worth it, as does the promise that the Bills are built around a young QB and core that can keep them contending for many years going forward.

    We’re back!

  2. I appreciate you, billsrthefuture. If anything sums up life as a Bills fan it’s the fact that 25 years of suffering “makes it all worth it” and we’re only in December. For all we know the Bills will lose in the first round of the playoffs and it’s still been a wildly successful season for that franchise. I have no hatred for the Bills even though my team resides in the AFC East. I hope they make a run to the Super Bowl. I’d love to see them knock off Pittsburgh and/or Kansas City along the way. Circle the wagons!

  3. I was a Junior in High School the last time the Bills won the AFC East… and I have a 19 year old daughter to give you a little perspective. 25 freaking years ago! Hopefully they leave Denver with a W on Saturday and put an end to that 25 year old curse!

  4. Looks like it will be a battle with the dolphins for the next 10 years while Belidunce is trying to make believers out of Cam.

  5. It’s amazing how the Patriots and Bills are almost never good at the same time. Pats fans were sick of the Bills winning every year, too.

    In the last 55 years they both finished above .500 eight times.

  6. As a former season ticket holder in the late 80’s and 90’s been a long time coming. Fun to watch, now let’s take the next step and win a playoff game. As far as stadium goes ??? I dunno update it sure but the only people clamoring for a new stadium are non Bills fans.

  7. You could say there is no more loyal fans in sports than Bills fans, but that would be misleading. What Bills fans did is when the team hovered between being mediocre and horrible for close to two decades, THEY became the team. We may lose the game, but we will win the tailgate! I can’t imagine what those crazy bastards would be doing in Orchard Park this year.

    and you haven’t experienced football in Western New York on a game day, you haven’t experienced football.

  8. I go all the way back to the days of Cookie Gilchrist, Elbert Dubenion, Billy Shaw, and Jack Kemp watching the Bills in the old AFL. I remember watching the 64 and 65 Bills win the championship of the AFL when they beat the Chargers both years.
    I am a Packers fan, but I enjoyed watching the AFL and their more wide open game, too. I am one who wishes the NFL and AFL never merged. I thought the merger and then inter-conference play lessened the excitement for the Super Bowl and I still think that. In those days, it was always thrilling to watch the Raiders play the Chiefs and the Jets play the Bills or the Boston Patriots. I can still here Curt Gowdy and Al DeRogatis calling those exciting games!!
    Hail to the old AFL!!!
    So — I wish the Bills all the best in winning the AFC. I would like nothing more than to see them knock the Chiefs off their pedestal.

  9. Patriots will beat the Fins this week and the Bills will beat the Broncos unfortunately. Bills are clearly better on offense and special teams than the rest of the division. It’ll be their division for a while unless Belichick gets a new quarterback.

  10. Cheers to the Bills! They suffered long enough. I’m sad the Pats are down, but it’s time and both the Bills and the Dolphins have good coaching and teams in place so that is how it goes. I’m hoping this is the last year we are down and it’s back to at least the way it was in the early 2000s where the division title was fought hard and anyone’s to take.

  11. As a Pats fan, the only team I ever hated in the East was and is the Jets. Mainly because their fans are insufferable. Bills fans are for real. Obviously losing SB’s sucks, but losing four in a row has to be gut wrenching. Bills look to be an AFC contender for awhile.

  12. You go, Buffalo! My beloved Patriots are lost this year, so might as well cheer on the Bills! Just do me a favor, and wipe out the Steelers if you meet them in the playoffs!

  13. I’m proud of the job Gruden/Mayock are doing. They’ve slowly made this team better, and are building a winner the right way. I mean, Kevin Stefanski stepped in day one with the Browns team and started leading them to a winning record immediately, but that team is loaded with high draft picks from the last few years. The raiders had Khalil Mack, Derek Carr, and Amari Cooper. The rest of the teams jerseys should’ve been “Bust” with the overall pick number on the jersey. You can see how good they are, by the fact that they’ve beaten very good teams. How about that, 2020-30 looks like a decade containing a resurgence of the Raiders and Browns. It’s about time for those two franchises to sell some tickets.

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