Derrick Henry’s MVP odds suddenly improve


In the immediate aftermath of Week 14, Titans running back Derrick Henry‘s odds to win the league MVP award remained at +10000. They’ve now improved, significantly.

Presumably due to the wagers made by those who regard Henry at +10000 as great value, Henry’s odds are now +6600.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also has seen his number move from -285 to -225. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers also has had an adjustment in his odds from +185 to +170.

Elsewhere on the list, Bills quarterback Josh Allen dropped from +1600 to +2000, and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has endured a free fall from +1800 to +5500.

Again, all of these changes happened without any other games being played by the candidates mentioned above.

Henry’s candidacy will become more and more compelling if he rack up huge yards on Sunday against the Lions and then the following Sunday night against the Packers. If he can pick up 368 over the next two games, he’ll be at 1,900 for the regular-season finale against the Texans — putting Henry 205 yards from the single-season record.

17 responses to “Derrick Henry’s MVP odds suddenly improve

  1. What other running back in the NFL can you say, “yeah, that guy has an outside chance to put up 191 yards a game the last three games…”?

    His ability to punish people in December is unique.

  2. There’s no way Derrick Henry wins the MVP Award. We all know that QB’s will always get the nod because they play the toughest position in all of sports.
    The winner at this moment should be Aaron Rodgers, followed by Patrick Mahomes. Those two are head and shoulders above everyone else and it’s not even debatable. Rodgers leads Mahomes in all the important stats other than passing yards, and Mahomes has the better team around him. If Rodgers isn’t the leader at this moment, they should do away with the award.
    Russell Wilson should be the next highest vote getter followed by Josh Allen. I would put Derrick Henry over Jared Goff. The reason the Rams are doing well is because of their defense, not their QB.

  3. Right now Aaron Rodgers is in driver seat and No Derrick Henry does not have a chance! 2 horse race sorry!

  4. Pretty sure if Mahomes last 3 games were against the Lions, Eagles, and Bears, he would be the hands down favorite.

  5. If Rodgers stands a chance of winning the MVP, it’ll be up to the Packer defense to make it happen when they play the Titans next week.

  6. Henry deserves to be in the MVP conversation, most definitely. The guy is a beast, and I feel sorry for anyone who has to try and tackle him.

  7. Coming from a Packer fan, if Tennessee can play with the lead and avoid playing catchup, Henry should get close to 300 that game alone.

  8. No way. Mahomes, Rodgers and maybe, Jackson would have to get hurt. Unfairly, the Mvp typically goes to the best qb.

  9. Titans are making playoffs and if Henry rushes for over 2000 yards the MYP should go to him!!

  10. The reason the odds move when there aren’t games being played is they are moving in response to bets coming in. The sports books don’t want to be on the hook for too much money on any one player. So they ad just the odds to stop people from betting on the leaders as much, and lower their exposure.

  11. A QB will win it but Henry cant worry about 2000 yards, the Titans have to use him smartly and save him for the playoffs.
    TiTannehill is having a great season himself and needs to continue to develop his timing with other receivers, though Humphries is a big loss.

  12. Mahomes has already become the Lebron James of the NFL in that he is obviously the league’s best player and will be for years to come, but that doesn’t insure him the annual MVP.

  13. Not to say Henry wouldn’t deserve it if he got to 2,000 yards but I’d be shocked if Mahomes doesn’t win it, barring them dropping 2 of their last 3 or something and coughing up the #1 seed.

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