Doug Marrone: You’d need an Olympic sprinter to truly simulate Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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The Jaguars have the unenviable task of scheming against Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson this week.  On Wednesday, Jacksonville head coach Doug Marrone said the most challenging part is preparing for Jackson’s speed.

There aren’t many players as fast as Jackson, and none of them are quarterbacks. Marrone joked that backup quarterback Jake Luton has been “working on his 40 time” to prepare for the scout team this week. But an authentic look at Jackson would require an import.

“In order to simulate him, you’d have to go out there and get, truly, an Olympic sprinter,” Marrone said. “I think everyone has a difficult time doing that. We’ll take a good look at that and get someone doing that with a little bit more speed at times when we need to do that.”

Jackson was named AFC offensive player of the week on Wednesday morning after throwing for 163 yards and a touchdown plus rushing for 124 yards and two touchdowns against the Browns.

“He’s got a good arm and he can throw,” Marrone said. “But the speed of him on the field — he always looks like the fastest guy on the field, and that’s a credit to him. A three or four-yard gain turns into a 16-yard gain the other day.”

Jacksonville has lost 12 straight since defeating the Colts in Week 1. With Jackson’s speed, it’s going to be hard to prevent unlucky No. 13.

10 responses to “Doug Marrone: You’d need an Olympic sprinter to truly simulate Lamar Jackson

  1. Wait…… Doug Marrone still has a job as a head coach??? I don’t follow Jacksonville so forgive me for being surprised. Just… he’s…. not good at all. Hmm.

  2. Olympic sprinters train to run really fast in a straight like. Lamar runs really fast in a zig zag.

  3. Ryan Mink, a staff writer for the Ravens wrote what I think is the ultimate way to describe Lamar’s game. Jackson wears you down with his legs, then delivers the knockout blow with his arm.

  4. There are plenty of Wide Receivers who played QB in High School or junior college. Just get one of them on your practice squad. We have seen enough WR1 throw passes this year, all of them are former QBs (HS or JC). It is not like your practice squad QB is likely to be that much better. At least Defense get the speed training.

  5. Lamar is an amazing runner. Just not an amazing QB.
    Watch the tape and see how many passes he completes to receivers that are covered, versus, say, 5 yards+ of separation. I’d estimate 5% of his completions come from the former category and 95% are to wide open receivers (5 yards+).
    That’s why he struggles in the playoffs. Too many turnovers and missed receivers = losing.
    But I admit, he is an incredibly quick and gifted runner.

  6. “He’s got a good arm, and can throw” Hilarious. I know coaches like to talk up the opposition, but that’s just flat out lying. No one believes you.

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