John Harbaugh congratulated Kevin Stefanski on “one of the greatest games in history”

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It wasn’t just fans who were thrilled by the Ravens’ win over the Browns on Monday night. The coaches appreciated what a great game it was as well.

In footage captured by NFL Films, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Browns coach Kevin Stefanski spoke briefly after the game, and Harbaugh declared it one of the great games of all time.

“Hey, that’s one of the greatest games in history right there. You guys are awesome. Thank you. Maybe we’ll see you in the playoffs, if we can win some games,” Harbaugh said to Stefanski.

A Ravens-Browns Part 3 is possible in the playoffs, if both teams win on the road in the wild card round. It would be hard for a playoff rematch to live up to Monday night.

28 responses to “John Harbaugh congratulated Kevin Stefanski on “one of the greatest games in history”

  1. Harbaugh is so irritating. When he’s not crying like a baby to the refs he’s saying dumb stuff like this. Hard pass.

  2. One of the greatest games in history? Gee Harbaugh has a pretty high opinion of himself doesn’t he? I’d call it a pretty exciting game that lacked any solid defense down the stretch, but I definitely AM NOT calling it one of the greatest games in history!!

  3. If the Jets win one game this year, John will announce that it was also one of the greatest games in history.

  4. This was a great game to watch, and it was highly entertaining. However – calling a late season game with one team that may not even get into playoffs “One of the best games ever” might be a little much.

  5. Doubt harbs has this take if parkey makes the fg and tucker misses his, so it does come off as more of a self-congratulation really.

  6. It was hardly the defensive clinic but they delivered more of a street fight than Pittsburgh / Baltimore matchups have this year.

  7. lol!!!

    Greatest games of two dumb teams with no defense, sure.

    This guy’s ego is amazing. Wow

  8. Exciting yes, great no.
    A flurry of points largely from blown coverages and sloppy mistakes doesn’t make a game great.

  9. Everyone hating on Harbs overlooks the facts that he also praised the Browns and was humble about the Ravens chances to get in the playoffs. Get off your high horses already.

  10. No defense? Exactly what the NFL wants and has pushed for for years. NDFL. I played in far more physical Sunday morning touch football games with more physical play on the field than ANY OF TODAYS NDFL product. Todays game is a disgrace to its history.

  11. I would think it would be impossible to watch the clip and come away with a negative opinion of that interaction, but PFT commenters have found a way!

  12. Fun yes..

    One of the greatest ?? Hardly…

    There are a few games that were all around better even this season… the first Seattle Arizona game comes to mind…

    And as for a Shootout game… this one was fun… but it wasn’t even remotely close to that Epic KC/Rams game a few seasons ago.

  13. Great, entertaining game. In a season of Covid and mediocrity throughout the league, this was a good matter what team you support.

  14. Telling my age here but reminded me of those old AFL games before the merger where John Hadl, Len Dawson and Joe Namath had these crazy shootouts.

    We were an NFL city but it was a guilty pleasure to watch those wild games.

  15. I love to hear the negative football fans hate on a statement of the obvious by Harbaugh.

    1) This was the game of the year so far. Deal with it. It had defensive plays, but high scoring, had drama, had injury to QB, dramatic return, game winning 55 yard FG, multiple lead changes, a record for rush TD on MNF, top 5 scoring on MNF all time.

    It was probably the greatest game this season so far. Period.

    2) He’s congratulating the Browns for not being the same old Browns. Ravens fought back and went back up 7, and the Brown marched right back down field and tied it up. If the Ravens didn’t have, literally, a hall of fame candidate kicker it goes to Overtime.

    3) Its not inflated opinion of himself. Its just his opinion based off the obvious facts. If you watched this 47 to 42 affair and didn’t have the best time watching of a game this season, you don’t have a pulse.

    4) There was humility shown by saying we’ll see you again, IF WE CAN WIN SOME GAMES. It acknowledges the browns are a playoff team, and the Ravens are still just chasing that.

    You can hate the man, but Harbaugh was being genuine and truthful here.

  16. I heard more than one person claim this was one of the greatest games in history. . . .what??! Dont get me wrong, it was a good prime time game, but not even close to being one of the greatest games.

  17. there are 256 regular season NFL games a year in the modern divisional configuration.

    Multiple something like that by 100 years.

    NOW, consider that of the 200 or so games played this year, that probably was the most exciting.

    You logically think that this game wasn’t one of the better games of all times? of the 26000+ games all time, even if this game was ranked #1000, yeah, thats one of the best games of all times.

    Its like when a dumb fan says a backup CB is a trash player. You do recognize he’s part of a VERY VERY VERY small percentage of people to ever play at that level?

    Likewise, Harbaugh didn’t say it was the greatest game of all times. He said ONE OF THE. I don’t think thats rationally far off. Of the 26000+ games, we know the majority are retrospectively clunkers if you aren’t pulling for 1 team or the other. Of the competitive legit affairs, this was high scoring, big plays, drama, notable events, on primetime.

    Guys, get serious.

  18. To state the obvious, it is a very different game that is played in the NFL now – I was born in the year of what has been called “The Greatest Game Ever Played” – 1958 NFL Championship between the Colts and Giants. Having seen replays of that game it was pretty boring with a lot of runs and punts – defense ruled! This Monday Night game seemed pretty typical until the 4th Q when neither team’s defense could stop anything. Cleveland is legit and doesn’t back down and Lamar is just a blast to watch. You can say he’s not much of a passer this year, but the guy is as exciting as any player in the NFL right now.

  19. I see that there are folks here that are focusing more on the absence of defense on both sides. 47-42 is a whole lot of points to allow. I agree. However, that’s how the game went. Both teams are banged up on defense. The Ravens are playing their 3rd primetime game in 13 days with all the challenges of the COVID outbreak. Tough place to be in in terms of lack of preparation and cohesion. Fatigue was definitely a factor. The Ravens knew going in that game that you have to score a lot of points to win. But, make no mistake about it. The Ravens is a proud defensive team. They will adjust and get healthier. The defense will shine again. I am not worried at all about that. Once all the available pieces are on the field, the Ravens will be a force to contend with.

  20. That game was horrible. Two teams vying for a playoff spot are not capable of stopping anybody. Everyone knew when Cleveland scored with a minute to go that the Ravens would win since defense doesn’t exist anywhere on that field. The Fins/Chiefs game was far more exciting since both teams actually executed and Miami actually has a defense. Baltimore is going no where and their cake puff schedule will rear its ugly head as they will lose to either NY or Jax.

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