Patrick Mahomes praises Tua Tagovailoa’s poise when falling behind

Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins
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As Dolphins coach Brian Flores has said, Sunday’s game against the Patriots will be a “very good challenge” for rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

If that challenge results in the Patriots opening up a big lead, don’t expect Tua to freak out.

After Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Dolphins, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes praised Tagovailoa for not trying to do to much when his team landed in a deep hole.

“It’s special, the mindset and the demeanor that he has on that football field,” Mahomes said. “When we kinda got up there I think it was 30-10, he didn’t try to start forcing it. When I was a young quarterback, I might’ve tried to force some throws, try to score 20 points at once. And he really just focused in on taking what was there, moving the ball down the field, trying to cut into the lead. For him to be in his rookie year and be able to have that mindset, it’s gonna pay off a lot in the future.”

If anyone knows how to stay calm when his team is trailing, it’s Mahomes. He’s done it so many times that it’s now expected — by him, by the Chiefs, by their opponents, by fans. While there’s no guarantee that the Dolphins will develop a similar habit, one of the key ingredients becomes having a quarterback who doesn’t make things worse by trying to make things better too quickly.

5 responses to “Patrick Mahomes praises Tua Tagovailoa’s poise when falling behind

  1. Interesting “strategic praise” between these teams.

    “Your OC should be a head coach”

    “Your new QB did well after we left you in the dust”

    Praise with a hint of tweaking.

  2. The game this past weekend was the first time this Chiefs fan had seen Tua as a Pro. He is very impressive and looks like a QB that Miami can seriously build around.

  3. “Strategic praise”?

    The everyone in the LEAGUE says Bienemy should be a head coach. And he probably will be next season.

    Tua did well and brought his team back after they got down. Some of that may have been Andy slowing down the Chiefs like he always does when they get up but Miami still had to put the points on the board.

  4. Tua reminded me of a left handed version of Russell Wilson the day he got his firs in preseason against the Chiefs.. Moves his feet well to find players open and has a soft touch pass to float over the defender.

  5. Tua plays great when Miami allows him to play to his strengths. Too many teams try to tweak quarterbacks to fit their offense. I remember all too well when Marino was drafted they just let him settle in and run the plays from the line of scrimmage and he became the greatest passer ever. Tua could very well do the same.

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