Jarvis Landry: Marcus Peters is a “coward” for spitting at me

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During Monday night’s game, Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters appeared to spit at Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Peters did it after Landry’s back was turned, and Landry didn’t notice at the time. But he’s not happy about it now.

Landry lashed out at Peters today, saying he has no respect for an opponent who would do that.

“He’s a coward. Behind my back he may do that but to my face he wouldn’t,” Landry said. “I saw the video after the game.”

Landry said he’s never had a problem with Peters in the past, but has a big problem with him now.

“We don’t have a history but for some reason he seemed to have it out for myself,” Landry said. “If a beef is what he wants, he’s got it.”

If the Ravens and Browns see each other a third time in the postseason, the Landry-Peters matchup will be worth watching.

34 responses to “Jarvis Landry: Marcus Peters is a “coward” for spitting at me

  1. I’m not saying its right because it is not but what happened right before that? Guessing Landry isn’t 100% innocent.

  2. Such a demeaning, disrespectful thing to do. Landry handled it very well. Love that when asked, if it was a COVID protocol violation, he said is there a protocol for being a man, cause that ain’t it.

  3. Landry is not afraid to blow him up on a block. His problem is taking it too far or after the whistle which will hurt the team.
    Great talent but his head sometimes gets the better of him.

  4. Peters has been a mental midge for years. There is a reason he was dismissed from the Washington Huskies. Has all the talent in the world but an attitude that isn’t good for a team based sport.

  5. Sean Taylor once spit right in the face of some guy from T-Bay.. in the playoffs!! Buddy was so scared, he just stood there, trembling, wetting himself until the refs came, kicked out ST and saved buddy from having to be a man and get owned.

  6. Spitting in the Covid era should be an automatic fine, suspension and loss of draft picks.

  7. Yep, spitting on someone is a cowardly move. Just doesn’t surprise me that it’s one of harbaugh’s players.

  8. No need to worry. Although it is disgusting and childish, not to mention a cowardly move, Landry had nothing to fear from Peters’ actions. Peters doesn’t get close enough to any receiver for them to be worried about it. He’d need a pumped up super soaker for any of it to matter.

  9. Sean Taylor spit in Michael Pittman’s face. Pittman hit Taylor back. Taylor flagged for Unsportsmanlike conduct. Pittman didnt just stand there scared.

  10. Moves like this always make me glad that Peters is no longer on my team. Absolutely disgraceful.

  11. Landry is one of the dirtiest, cheapest players in the league – remember when he knocked Aaron Williams out with a blind side cheap shot? The former Bills safety had to retire, accepting his health reality and never suiting up again after a blindsided hit from Miami’s Jarvis Landry. Williams was in pursuit, his head watching the ball, when Landry launched into his helmet.

  12. Nick Name says:
    December 17, 2020 at 4:02 pm
    I’m not saying its right because it is not but what happened right before that? Guessing Landry isn’t 100% innocent.
    Peters is always on the losing end of the smack talk it appears. Peters once got into an argument with a fan in the stands. His feel bads get hurt easily.

  13. Landry and Peters are 2 peas in a pod.
    Yes he spit. Yes it’s a punk move. But he spit in his direction as Landry was jogging away. That’s a LONG way from spitting in someone’s face. He’ll wear out his welcome in Baltimore just like KC and LA. That’s just who he is.
    Ravens are an elite organization. One of the best run franchises in sports. Not my words but those of respected people in the industry.

  14. Not defending M. Peter’s in ANY way because I’m not a fan of his childish actions..I’ve been in law enforcement for 21 yrs. Having somebody spit at me was the ONLY thing that got me unglued. So I get it..very coward move but, to say Peter’s is garbage is wrong.

    He’s a very good CB, just a punk of a person. Now Laundry isn’t an angel either. He’s been known for dishing out cheap blocks. Coming off press coverage with 2 hands to a CBs face, and all sorts of offensive push offs act. Both of them play as you might say..aggressive/borderline illegal.

    I didn’t see the game but I’m sure they BOTH got in some dirty shots….again ZERO excuse for cowardly spitting. Should be a suspension in today’s Covid situation. I know one thing though, I wont miss their next game!!

  15. Nick Name says:
    December 17, 2020 at 4:02 pm
    I’m not saying its right because it is not but what happened right before that? Guessing Landry isn’t 100% innocent.


    Nothing happened. Which is why this whole thing smells. If Marcus Peters of all people wanted to spit on you, you’d know it.

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