Marcus Peters denies spitting at Jarvis Landry


Like Keith Hernandez, Marcus Peters denies spitting within the confines of a sporting event.

Browns receiver Jarvis Landry claims, and the video seems to confirm, that Peters spat at Landry on Monday night. On Thursday night, the Ravens issued a statement in which Peters denies spitting.

“I didn’t spit at Jarvis,” Peter said. “Where I come from, when you have an issue with someone, you deal with it face-to-face, man-to-man. Anyone who believes that I intentionally spit at him does not know me — plain and simple.”

Said Landry on Thursday or Peters, “He’s a coward. Behind my back he may do that but to my face he wouldn’t. I saw the video after the game.”

Spitting accusations emerge from time to time in the NFL. In this case, an apparent loogie can be seen flying from Peters’ mouth. Unless there was a second spitter, Peters looks to be guilty, despite his denial.

29 responses to “Marcus Peters denies spitting at Jarvis Landry

  1. I mean, I know it’s gross and a sign of disrespect but it seems like players put a bit too much weight on the spitting thing.

  2. Every time Marcus Peters’ name is brought up, it just confirms that Veach made the right decision showing him the door midseason a few years ago.

  3. In his defense, he has been in a lot of fights and scuffles and has never been accused of spitting before.

  4. Disgusting. Not only is he a tool for doing it but he lies about it when it’s pretty obvious he did it. Just the sort of thing we’re used to seeing from Peters. I’m really not surprised.

  5. Yes he spit. Yes it’s a punk move. But he spit in his direction as Landry was jogging away. That’s a LONG way from spitting in someone’s face. He’ll wear out his welcome in Baltimore just like KC and LA. That’s just who he is.

  6. I’m sure much worse goes on in a fumble scrum, this isn’t to say it’s permissible, Landry just as much a punk for taking it to the media. Losers shouldn’t run their mouths, would have thought Browns learned that last year.

  7. This guy is a total d-bag. He shouldn’t be allowed to play in the NFL. With Covid and all, this is an awful act.

  8. Spitting at anyone at anytime is gross. Spitting at a guy during a pandemic is downright dangerous.

  9. Peters has been a model citizen since joining the Ravens. Landry on the other hand is constantly starting twitter fights with Peters and Humphrey, methinks Landry is just upset that the Ravens swept the Browns. Again.

  10. Unfortunately for Peters, the immutable laws of physics (and video) contradict his entire account.

  11. Maybe he just spit and there wasnt any malicious intent… but knowing how classy peters is…

  12. He didn’t do it because that’s “not who he is”. That defense is used all the time now.

  13. Even if he didn’t mean to spit at Landry (but he did), why would you spit out towards palyers instead of spitting straight down like normal people do? I mean he knows there are players around. That’s disgusting.

  14. Literally nothing happened on the play where he spat toward Landry … usually when you spit at someone it’s a heat of the moment thing, no? Seems weird. Also, pretty sure if Peters wanted to spit on Landry, Landry would have known.

    That being said, I absolutely get that Marcus Peters hasn’t earned the benefit of any doubt.

  15. Peters could be a punk. I get that in the heat of the battle words get said and temper flair. But, that is not cool man! A real man would apologize and say he shouldn’t have done it. He should definitely reach out to Landry and be a real man by saying: “Sorry dude… I messed up” But, knowing Peters, who thrives on confrontation will never do that. So, get your popcorn ready when these two meet again…

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