Patrick Mahomes: You want to play against those great quarterbacks like Drew Brees

NFL: NOV 01 Saints at Bears
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As the Chiefs ready to play the Saints this week, count Patrick Mahomes among those who would like to see Drew Brees healthy enough to be behind center.

During his weekly press conference on Wednesday, Mahomes said he has a real appreciation for Brees’ long career — especially because he’s a fellow Texan.

“I mean, it is truly special to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and to be able to consistently produce every single year,” Mahomes said. “Hopefully, we get to go up against him, I get to go up against him. But if not, hopefully we’ll get to face him at some other time because you want to play against those great quarterbacks you watched growing up that were guys that you looked up to in the way they played the game.”

Brees was designated to return from injured reserve on Wednesday, but New Orleans head coach Sean Payton said the team isn’t going to hurry the signal-caller back from his extensive ribs injury. Mahomes admitted it would be “a little bit” disappointing if Brees doesn’t play.

“Obviously, I have a ton of respect for Taysom [Hill] and the way he’s been able to play and produce,” Mahomes said. “I watched him when I was in college and now in the NFL — the way he’s able to go out there and throw the ball, be a quarterback, but also be one of the best athletes on the field is truly special.

“But you want to go up against those great quarterbacks who have done it for a long time, and another Texas guy, a guy that I’ve met a couple times, and is just a great guy. Regardless, we’re playing against a great football team and we’ll be ready to go.”

If Brees doesn’t play Sunday, there’s certainly a chance Mahomes may get his wish to play against him in February.