Sean Payton: We won’t “just hurry” Drew Brees back

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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The Saints designated quarterback Drew Brees for return from injured reserve on Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean he will be back in action when the team hosts the Chiefs on Sunday.

Saints head coach Sean Payton sent that message after the team practiced on Wednesday. Brees has missed the last four games after broken ribs and a punctured lung, and that layoff has Payton wanting to see quite a bit from the team’s longtime starter before he gets the green light to play again.

“We haven’t ruled anything just because we don’t have to,” Payton said, via Mike Triplett of “He’s got a ways to go still, and he’s someone we’re not gonna just hurry back and just put him in the game. I think the significance of the injuries are such that you’ve gotta make sure he can function and feel confident.”

Taysom Hill has started while Brees has been out of action and the Saints have gone 3-1 in their last four games. After facing the Chiefs, they will have another game against the Vikings a week from Friday.

12 responses to “Sean Payton: We won’t “just hurry” Drew Brees back

  1. He’s not coming back during the regular season I think any reasonable person knows that. The only thing the Saints are worried about anyway is whether or not Brees can keep up with Brady for the touchdown record. That’s very important to the Saints, and to Brees, and it’s why he’s going to come back again next year

  2. Damn, some of these guys are just ridiculously competetive. Eleven broken ribs and a punctured lung? I would have retired on the spot!

  3. Maybe you should rush him back. It didn’t take long for teams to figure out your running back playing quarterback scheme.

  4. You almost have to wonder about the karma of the Saints QB being out after the bounty beating that their defense gave Favre.

  5. Stick with Hill. He is getting paid to learn to be a QB. He will only get better as the team tries to win the division and stay with GB. Brees doesnt need to be rushed.

  6. I’m not a Saints fan. I think Saints fans are making out like Bandits. Sure, it would be nice if one of your backups really was the second coming of Drew Brees. That might be a little more than you should have expected. But the bright side is right there in front of you. At this point you know WAY ahead of schedule that neither Winston or the Taysom show are the quarterback of the future.

    You got to find that out while holding on to Brees and nailing down a first round bye. Most teams would have needed that “see what we have” rebuilding year just to figure that out.

  7. thegreatjimbrown says:
    December 17, 2020 at 2:35 pm
    You almost have to wonder about the karma of the Saints QB being out after the bounty beating that their defense gave Favre.


    You are still on this? You do know there were no “bounties” there were payments for good clean hits. A similar plan was run by the majority of NFL teams at the time, including the Vikings. Look at the game, Brees got hit also. The game has evolved a lot since then, you almost can’t hit a QB these days, well…except that Brees had a ligament ripped from his thumb from a hit last year and 11 broken ribs this year, besides that…. Oh wait, how many plays did Favre miss in that game? ZERO! The Saints at the time were one of the least penalized teams for personal fouls and not a single player had to leave a game because of an illegal hit the entire time of the “bounty” program. It was a cover story to make the concussion lawsuits go away. It worked.

  8. As long as he’s back for the yearly Saint’s playoff meltdown followed by the Sean Payton whine fest.

  9. @ trun0rth

    I don’t understand how Winston , in his plays with the Saints, has demonstrated that he is not the Saints future QB…please explain, using specific examples…

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