Drew Brees to start Sunday vs. Chiefs

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints
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Drew Brees is back.

Brees, the Saints quarterback who has missed the last four games with broken ribs and a punctured lung, will return to the starting lineup for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

The Saints signaled that Brees was on the mend this week when they cleared him to return to practice from his stint on injured reserve, and he has apparently looked good enough in practice that they’re confident he’s good to go.

Without Brees, the Saints turned to Taysom Hill and won three of the four games Brees missed. Hill will presumably still be a part of the Saints’ offense on Sunday, but he’ll be back to his role of playing running back and receiver and getting snaps on special teams in addition to occasionally taking snaps at quarterback.

With the 12-1 Chiefs and 10-3 Saints both competing for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs in their respective conferences, this may be the biggest game of the regular season, and a potential Super Bowl preview.

25 responses to “Drew Brees to start Sunday vs. Chiefs

  1. Huge mistake. Should ease him back slowly for the playoffs. He’ll be re-injured by halftime.

  2. Well, that gives the Saints a chance. The line on total score just went up 20 points. Take the over.

  3. Saints are all in and this is a huge gamble. I have great respect for Brees on and off the field, but I feel like waiting 1-2 more weeks would be smart and provide a healthier Brees for the playoffs.

  4. I’m scared for both QB’s.. Drew getting reinjured and Chiefs have no healthy O-Linemen to protect Mahomes. Makes for good football I guess.

  5. The one who’ll probably benefit most from having Brees in is Kamara.
    His production seemed to suffer with Taysom in.
    I hope, since Kamara’s on my Fantasy team.

  6. If I was Jameis, I’d be asking for my release. First he gets passed up for Taysom, who didn’t set the world on fire. Then Sean decides to start an obviously vulnerable Drew Brees.

  7. Looks like shoot out time. Saints at home, Saints need the win more. Chiefs will still have the one seed if they lose. I am thinking the Saints will want it more.

  8. But, he couldn’t play against Philly because, the NFL needs the NFC Least to be interesting in the last few weeks. Philly loses that game and it’s zzzzzzz time.

  9. Drew Brees loves blitzes! He devours blitzes! “Blitz my parlor!”, says Brees to the KC defense!

  10. Let’s gooo!!! Mahomes might be better than Brees now, but Drew is the true OG. And Sean Payton has always had Reid’s number, you dont beat Payton by outsmarting him, you gotta take a Jeff Fisher approach and just ground and pound, Chiefs not built for that. Saints all the way to the SB, 2Dat baby!

  11. I’m sure the execs at CBS are happy. Taysom vs. Mahomes just doesn’t sell as well to viewers as Brees vs. Mahomes

  12. One thing this has shown is that the Saints are going to have to go after another QB if Brees hangs it up after this season. Hill is OK as a backup with a really good team around him but not as starting QB for a season, he’s best at dual roles he plays now. He won’t be able to lead them to the level they are now.

  13. Let’s do this Saints

    Race to the #1 seed.

    One at a time. Focus is Carolina.



  14. Tony Broome says:
    December 18, 2020 at 10:29 am
    If I was Jameis, I’d be asking for my release. First he gets passed up for Taysom, who didn’t set the world on fire. Then Sean decides to start an obviously vulnerable Drew Brees.

    Yes because there are so many teams knocking on Winston’s door….

  15. silverwolf1898 says:
    December 18, 2020 at 10:26 am
    Good, the whodats won’t have any excuses after the Chiefs light them up.
    That’s the same thing they said about Tampa Bay Bucs when they hired Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski and Antono Brown. May I remind you they never scored a TD against the Saints and were lit up 37-3.

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