L.P. Ladouceur’s 251st game will set a record for a Canadian-born player

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Cowboys long snapper L.P. Ladouceur will play in his 251st NFL game Sunday. That will set an NFL record for a Canadian-born player.

Former kicker Eddie Murray previously owned the record, which has stood for the past 20 years.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognized Ladouceur’s accomplishment in a statement released Friday night.

“Mr. Ladouceur’s NFL career is both inspiring and remarkable, and it is built on perseverance and determination on and off the field,” the statement read. “His unwavering commitment to working with charity organizations such as the Parker County Center of Hope to empower the lives of many individuals is a part of his enduring legacy.”

Ladouceur is in his 16th season with the Cowboys, tying him with Jason Witten for most in franchise history.

He has never missed a game and never had a bad snap.

10 responses to “L.P. Ladouceur’s 251st game will set a record for a Canadian-born player

  1. I played with Louis in school. He saw an undervalued position and made it a career. Everyone else wanted to be the QB or the RB or the WR. He’d spend hours each day practicing his long snaps which is probably hours longer than anyone else has practiced long snapping. Everyone laughed at him but now he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Madden used to say, “Parents if you want your kids to have a long NFL have them become long snappers.”

    L.P. is the living proof of that statement!

  3. Make no mistake, long snapping is definitely a skilled position. My cousin did it for his college team and he hipped me to everything that’s involved. That said, especially with how the rules have changed, this is a position where you can enjoy the perks of the league almost forever with very little wear and tear on your body beyond the occasional tackle or two. I don’t know what a LS typically makes but it still has to top the yearly take of a lot of guys outside the league including all but the top paid lawyers, doctors and CEOs. Absolutely good work if you can get it and probably 2nd only to backup QB in terms of reward to risk.

  4. When reporting on a Canadian player, you must include both of Canada’s national languages. I fixed it for you below:

    Le long vivaneau des Cowboys L.P. Ladouceur jouera dimanche à son 251e match des FNL. Cela établira un record FNL pour un joueur né au Canada.

    L’ancien botteur Eddie Murray possédait auparavant le record, qui dure depuis 20 ans.

    Le premier ministre canadien Justin Trudeau a reconnu l’accomplissement de Ladouceur dans un communiqué publié vendredi soir.

    “Monsieur. La carrière de Ladouceur dans la NFL est à la fois inspirante et remarquable, et elle repose sur la persévérance et la détermination sur et en dehors du terrain », indique le communiqué. «Son engagement inébranlable à travailler avec des organisations caritatives telles que le Parker County Center of Hope pour renforcer la vie de nombreuses personnes fait partie de son héritage durable.

    Ladouceur en est à sa 16e saison avec les Cowboys, le liant avec Jason Witten pour la plupart de l’histoire de la franchise.

    Il n’a jamais manqué un match et n’a jamais eu de mauvais cliché.

  5. LOL, long snapper…..he gets in the game for what 10 plays a game. Stop making up records.

  6. “When reporting on a Canadian player, you must include both of Canada’s national languages. ”

    If they couldn’t read English, they wouldn’t come to an English site. Thanks though.

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