Marcus Mariota enjoyed chance to play after “long journey”

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Marcus Mariota played five snaps for the Titans after they benched him as their starting quarterback in Week 6 of the 2019 season, so it had been a long time since he saw real game action before Thursday night.

The Raiders turned to Mariota after Derek Carr was knocked out of the game with a groin injury late in the first quarter and Mariota ran the offense the rest of the way. He went 17-of-28 for 226 yards, a touchdown, and an interception and also ran for 88 yards and a touchdown in a 30-27 overtime loss to the Chargers.

After the game, Mariota reflected on the twists his career has taken and shared his happiness about getting back on the field.

“You know to be truthful, it’s been a long journey,” Mariota said, via “I’ve been through kind of everything, from injuries to surgeries, to mental lapses, and the confidence thing. I just really appreciate the Raiders and the entire organization for kind of helping me through that. I was trying to kind of find my way again and they gave me an opportunity to take some time, were patient with me and I just appreciate the fact that they were willing to do that. Again, it’s just kind of part of being an athlete. You’re going to go some ups and downs, and I think the staff did a great job of kind of keeping me level-headed and kind of fighting through it. When it comes down to it, it’s still ball. I just love being out there again. It was fun to play. Unfortunately, we just didn’t make enough plays.”

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said after the game that Carr’s injury is “significant,” so Mariota may not be done getting a chance to show what he can still do on the field.

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  1. He did well, except that one interception. I particularly like that long drive that ate up 10 minutes of the game clock.

  2. He looked good. He should be starting somewhere based on the QB play some teams have strolled out this year.

  3. Be honest, did anyone know who the Raiders backup QB was before last night? I had forgotten all about Mariota. It seemed he left the league around the same time as Chip Kelly.

  4. Mariota is not why the Raiders lost. In fact, he gave them as much a chance to win as Carr. It was the Raiders defense that lost that game.

  5. He will do well against any defense coached as poorly as the one he faced last night. When he faces a top 25 defense coached by top 25 coordinators the challenge will be totally different.

  6. guys guys! this was one game!! there is a reason the titans let him go. he had a great game and hes a better backup qb than any other in the league, thats why the raiders paid him so much. keep carr, but start putting mariota in some drives and shake things up. all its going to give you is another dimension.

    yours truly,

    Gruden Grinder

  7. What a joy when a rpo qb faces a defense that doesn’t know he is a rpo qb. LAC d played like the Washing Generals facing the Globetrotters.

  8. When I heard that Mariotta is getting $17 million for two seasons and then saw how he played, I thought, “man, that’s a waaay better deal for the team than the $25 million the Colts gave Rivers for one year”. Dude looked really good.

  9. I think Gruden has been looking for the “it factor” that Derek Carr doesn’t have for this offense from the very beginning. I’ve never loved Mariota as an NFL QB but Mariota reminds me of Rich Gannon late in his career. Mariota has got the “it-factor” Gruden has been looking for.

  10. MM played well but it was obvious he was at least very rusty. He should’ve been picked off 1 or 2 more times than he was. Ultimately, he’s a good football player and can be good in a pinch but I don’t think he is the answer for anyone long term.

  11. as soemone who isn’t very high on marcus as a long term solution…he keeps playig like that he’ll shut me up, fast…he looked much better than carr in that offence last night

  12. Could just be the recency effect, but Mariota looked good in Gruden’s offense. He’s definitely more mobile, and has Aaron Rodgers-like pocket awareness. Does he have a huge cannon? Is he going to be all the different defensive looks a team can throw at him? Probably not HOF level, but I think he can prove he’s a top 10 QB if Gruden gives him the keys.

  13. Mariota played in that game like a Franchise QB.
    He made some great throws.
    His running was impactful and he scored and got first downs.
    He was great and avoiding pressure, sacks and adjusting.
    Even the INT was only thrown SLIGHTLY behind the WR, and a better WR would have hauled it in. The tipped ball was unfortunate, and the “stat sheet” makes it look worse than it was.

    That being said, the big question is if a guy like him with all the tools can SUSTAIN that kind of play. It may have mostly been the lack of SD being ready to play against his style that made him so effective.

    I guess we will find out..

  14. I guarantee that fans of at least 10 teams last night were watching and wondering why their team didn’t pick him up. Me being one of them.

  15. He looked great, looked like he was out to make a point and it was fun to watch. Like Tannehill, maybe Mariota just needed a change of scenery. Maybe it took getting benched and shipped out of TN to create some urgency and force him to take the next step.

    Considering they have him on the cheap through next year, the Raiders need to see what they can get in a trade for Carr and go forward with Mariota.

  16. I thought Mariota showed what every Titan fan knows, he is a good enough QB to have you lose in a close game. He is in the right spot, with the right team, with the right coach, backing up the right Qb. I am happy for him and wish him well.

  17. Didnt Mariota lead the titans to a road playoff win over the chiefs not long ago? Stick with him. Knock on wood if youre with me.

  18. Mariota looked comfortable and confident last night…far moreso than he did at the end of his tenure in Tennessee.

    However, he was facing a defense that hadn’t prepared for a mobile QB or gameplanned for his tendencies. That won’t be the case next week.

    I wish him the best of luck.

  19. So many dumb, ignorant haters in these comments. Fact is Mariota int pretty much lost the game no matter how well he played. Carr thrives in those situations by having the most 4th quarter comebacks since 2014. It’s sad you pathetic losers just love to spew hate

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