Raiders expect Derek Carr to miss 10-14 days

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr will have to push it to get back on the field for his team’s next game.

Carr’s groin injury will need 10-14 days to heal, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

The Raiders’ next game is eight days away, on Saturday, December 26 against the Dolphins. So Carr will have to return sooner than the Raiders expect to be there in an absolute must-win game for the Raiders.

If Marcus Mariota starts for the Raiders in Week 16 and they beat the Dolphins, they may decide to stick with Mariota and hope he can keep their slim playoff hopes alive in Week 17. If the Raiders lose to the Dolphins, they’re mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, and the Raiders may decide to play it safe and sit him. So it’s quite possible that we won’t see Carr again until the 2021 season.

24 responses to “Raiders expect Derek Carr to miss 10-14 days

  1. Nice! Trade Carr to the Bears! Hire Wade Phillips and move on. Gruden is saved by the ridiculous contract BUT he’s regressing at warp speed.

  2. Derek Carr is not an elite QB, so it’s not all that bad to have Marcus Mariota replacing him.
    Carr is one of those QB’s who will always fall short because he’s too inconsistent. Plus, Carr has reached his ceiling and will not get any better.
    If I were the Raiders, I’d be looking to trade Carr and stick with Mariota while they develop another young QB.

  3. Umm, it will be more than 10 days. That injury is a real lingering style injury. He’s done for the year.

  4. Just shut Carr down, he was the least of the Raiders problems when you have a god awful defense that let’s up 30 plus points in 9 games.

  5. I believe that when I see it. I think Mariota finishes out the season as the starting QB.

  6. Since Mariota is signed through next season if he can play anywhere near as well as he did on Thursday for the Raiders last 2 regular season games he’s gonna give Gruden and Mayock something to talk about in the off-season in case they want to move Carr and open up cap space. Not that I see that situation unfolding, but still.

  7. Carr could get Bledsoed but I doubt it. Let’s see how Mariota does for the rest of the season.

  8. Never been a Derek Carr fan. Not only is Carr inconsistent from game to game. He’s inconsistent from series to series and play to play. You can’t win with an inconsistent QB.

    I doubt the Raiders will make the playoffs. Let’s see if Mariota is a more consistent QB. That’s the only way to tell if Mariota can do the job.

  9. Raiders Qb Depth Chart 2021

    1. Justin Fields
    2.Tyrod Taylor


    Hire Jeff Blake as QBs coach to coach em up.

  10. The Raiders average the 11th most points per game in the league (27)

    The Raiders average the 3rd most points given per game in the league (30)

    The only defenses worse than ours are the Jets and Cowboys.

    Its not hard to see why were 7-7 and it not because of Derek, Derek is having his 2nd best year of his career so far, with an entire squad of #3 receivers. Thankfully he has the 2nd most productive TE in the league and a RB he can depend on 1st and 2nd down, and after 2nd down the Raiders are 3rd in the league at converting on 3rd down.

    The fact that anyone in here is questioning Derek’s consistency and ability is laughable and only shows you have no real grasp of whats actually going on.

  11. Derek has already said he will retire before going to another team so just forget trading him. Pay attention so called fan

  12. A plus for Miami. Might enable Miami to beat the raiders and, hopefully, clinch a playoff spot.

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