Report: Aloha Stadium deemed unsafe to hold crowds, facing condemnation


The former home of the Pro Bowl may be done for good.

According to Christian Shimabuku of KHOU2 in Honolulu, Aloha Stadium has been deemed unsafe to hold crowds of any size and is facing potential condemnation.

The Aloha Stadium Authority released a statement on Thursday saying they were temporarily suspending operations amid COVID-19 safety restrictions and budgetary problems.

“The Aloha Stadium Authority announced its decision today to reduce operations and place a moratorium on new events at the Stadium. These changes are being adopted in response to COVID-19 safety restrictions that have severely limited revenue generation opportunities,” the release stated.

The release didn’t address the reported concerns over the stadium’s safety in general. A new Aloha Stadium is in the works as a replacement for the deteriorating venue but it isn’t expected to be open until the fall of 2023.

The stadium served as the annual host site of the Pro Bowl from 1980-2009. It would hold the event again from 2011-14 and one last time in 2016 with Orlando become the current destination for the event.

Last year, it hosted a preseason game between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams as well. The game instantly sold out with the Rams coming off a Super Bowl appearance and the draw of the Cowboys in general.

4 responses to “Report: Aloha Stadium deemed unsafe to hold crowds, facing condemnation

  1. Coached on that field and watched a ProBowl there in the early 2000’s, place was a dump then, I”m sure 20 years of salt air hasn’t helped.

  2. How does a stadium fall apart so that it’s unsafe after 45 years?
    Did they never do maintenance on it?

  3. aypeeswhippingstick says: “Time to retire the stadium and the Pro Bowl game.”

    8-10 million fans watch the Pro Bowl. If you don’t like it, here’s a suggestion: DON’T WATCH IT. However, there are those of us that want to watch it for the fun factor.

    But seriously, that the NFL should cancel it just because YOU don’t like watching it is a stupid reason.

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