Eagles hired John Dorsey as a consultant before 2020 draft

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The Eagles, despite three straight playoff appearances and a 2017 Super Bowl win, have faced plenty of criticism when it comes to the quality of the roster. Per multiple reports, the Eagles attempted to beef up that roster by retaining the services of former Chiefs and Browns G.M. John Dorsey as a consultant.

Per multiple reports, Dorsey already has been assisting the Eagles, and he presumably will continue to do so. He’s helping both with college and pro scouting.

The move happened quietly, with word of it emerging only recently. As one source explained it to PFT, Dorsey actually has been assisting the Eagles since before the 2020 draft. Quarterback Jalen Hurts, who played well in his debut as a starter, arrived via round two of the most recent draft.

In Kansas City, Dorsey presided over the 2017 draft, which brought Patrick Mahomes to Kansas City. He also drafted running back Kareem Hunt that same year. In Cleveland, Dorsey drafted quarterback Baker Mayfield, who has improved significantly in recent weeks. Dorsey also drafted running back Nick Chubb, signed Hunt after an off-field incident got him cut by the Chiefs, traded for receiver Jarvis Landry, and traded for receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

The Browns surprisingly fired Dorsey at the end of the 2019 campaign, a season of woefully unfulfilled expectations.

Dorsey’s name has yet to emerge as a candidate for the three vacant G.M. jobs in Detroit, Atlanta, and Houston.

9 responses to “Eagles hired John Dorsey as a consultant before 2020 draft

  1. If Dorsey had a hand in the Eagles taking Reagor over Justin Jefferson as well as the inefficient (given Wentz’s recent big extension) selection of Hurts in the second round, the Eagles should run away from him. It should be remembered that Dorsey also got to cash in on a bevy of draft assets – that his predecessor in Cleveland had assembled over a short time and then had the rug pulled out from under him before he could use those draft assets to build the team – and didn’t make the best use of. Some good picks, but not a particularly strong return on the overall assets that were on hand.

  2. Maybe I’m splitting hairs here, but Dorsey wasn’t fired from the Browns. The owners told him to fire Freddie Kitchens and that Dorsey would not be allowed to pick the next head coach so he quit.

    Dorsey is a great talent evaluator and super aggressive with cap and draft capital, but it seems he always does a power play to try to assume all organizational control that gets him in trouble. He tried to do the same thing to Andy Reid in KC.

    By the way, the Jalen Hurts pick makes so much more sense now.

  3. Dorsey’s biggest sin with the Browns was believing in Kitchens and failing to push back strongly against unrealistic expectations.

  4. While with the Browns, he allegedly demanded that every team employee only ever refer to him as “Mister Dorsey”.

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