Marcus Peters fined $12,500 for Jarvis Landry spitting incident

NFL: NOV 15 Ravens at Patriots
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Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters denied spitting at Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry during last Monday’s game between the two teams, but the NFL has taken a different view.

Landry called Peters a coward after watching a video of Peter spitting while Landry’s back was turned to the cornerback. According to multiple reports, the NFL has fined Landry $12,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct as a result of the incident.

Peters’ agent Doug Hendrickson responded to one of the reports on Twitter and said that Peters will appeal the fine. Peters said “anyone who believes that I intentionally spit at him does not know me” on Friday and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said he didn’t believe Peters was spitting at Landry.

Peters will get a chance to make that argument to an appeals officer. In the meantime, the Ravens will wait to see if he’ll be able to play on Sunday after missing practice all week with a calf injury.

10 responses to “Marcus Peters fined $12,500 for Jarvis Landry spitting incident

  1. You are right Marcus, we don’t know you. We thought maybe you were an honest guy. SMH

  2. “anyone who believes that I intentionally spit at him does not know me”

    What difference does it make if you did it intentionally or not? You spit at the guy. No one else near you, but you spit in his direction. Even if there were not a highly contagious disease going around, that is just unsportsmanlike. Intentional or not.

  3. The video clearly shows MP spat in JL direction but there was at least 3-4 feet in between.. fined for spitting? just because the media made a story of it?

  4. Guys spit on the field and all over the field all the time. If a player was in the vacinity, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was malicious. Marcus Peters sort of has a Vontaze Burfict style reputation so he probably will not get the benefit of the doubt.

  5. jerruhjones says:
    Stay classy Baltimore.

    Yeah because Marcus Peters represents all of Baltimore.

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