Packers move to 11-3 with 24-16 win on Saturday night

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers
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The Packers will remain in position for the top seed in the NFC playoffs heading into the final two weeks of the season.

An impressive first half was enough to overcome a sluggish second half in a 24-16 win over the Panthers. The victory moves the Packers to 11-3 on the season, which means they’ll remain ahead of the Saints regardless of what happens when New Orleans faces the Chiefs on Sunday.

Green Bay scored touchdowns on their first three possessions of Sunday’s game, but were limited to a field goal the rest of the way. The Panthers pass rush found success and dropped Aaron Rodgers for five sacks over the course of the evening.

The last of them was made by Brian Burns on a third down after the two minute warning and it got the Panthers one last chance with the ball. Teddy Bridgewater couldn’t generate anything offensively, however, and the Packers were able to take a knee to ice the win.

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule made an interesting decision to kick a 33-yard field goal on a first down with 2:04 left in the game. The Panthers had one time out left and Joey Slye‘s kickoff went into the end zone, which made the two minute warning a second clock stoppage that the Panthers were able to use to their advantage.

It wasn’t enough of an advantage to overcome what the Packers did in the first half, but the second half slowdown is sure to be a concern for Green Bay moving forward. They only picked up 49 yards of offense after the break and allowed the Panthers back into a game that looked like a blowout for the first stages of the game.

Working to correct such problems is always easier after a win and the Packers got one that moved them closer to home field advantage in the postseason.

29 responses to “Packers move to 11-3 with 24-16 win on Saturday night

  1. Packers are overrated. They are lucky breeze has been injured and the 49ers have been decimated by injury. That’s the only reason they sit at top of the NFC at this point in time. If they make it to a super bowl, those AFC teams will eat them alive.

  2. I think Aaron Rogers just lost his bid for MVP. Furthermore, I think the race to be the NFC participant in the Super Bowl is wide open.

  3. If the Chiefs win tomorrow, Titans game is meaningless for GB. At 12-4 they’d have all tiebreakers over Saints and the West winner, assuming their 4th loss is to Tenn not Chicago. A Saints loss tomorrow and a Pack win over the Bears clinches the Bye, regardless of the Titans game.

  4. The difference between the 2019 Packers and the 2020 Packers is that their offense went from playing 1.5 quarters a game to a full 4 quarters. Tonight’s game unfortunately they reverted back to their 2019 form, but that Panthers DL was no joke. Well done on generating pressure on not giving Aaron a clean pocket to throw into. It was the wake-up call this squad needed after some of the players came out in the media and started believing their own press clippings.

  5. Carolina put up a good fight. The Packers D did what they needed to do. The offense will learn from this and needs to adjust to press coverage and blitzing. They will.

    MLF for coach of the year. Well deserved.

  6. Aaron Jones is a stud. Green Bay needs to split him out wide more often. And use AJ Dillon a few more times a game to help ensure Jones stays fresher. If Jones goes in the offseason, I will miss his game.

  7. Matt Thule should have called a playaction shot play on 2nd and 1 right before the end of the 3rd.

    And kicking the field goal when it would make it an 8 point deficit was dumb…gotta try the 2 point play ASAP to know if you need the end zone twice.

  8. In a lot of games this year the Packers have started really strong, got a big lead then let the other team come back enough to make it at least interesting in the 4th quarter. They might be getting away with it against teams with losing records, in the play-offs I don’t think they will.

  9. Laying down for a rest after a lead won’t work in the playoffs. Lafleur better get those guys in shape kver the next month. Keep scoring. Packers should have put up 50 in that game.

  10. Kicking the field goal on first down near the end of the game was 100% the right move, I’m sure the numbers guys had a field day with that one.

  11. Packers look to be all smoke and mirrors. They seemed to struggle a lot against a poor defense last night. If the Packers get home field advantage through out the playoffs they might win a game only because the other teams will be slowed down some because of the cold.
    The offensive line can not protect. When they play a good defense the run struggles and cannot protect Rodgers and then he gets rattled. The defense is terrible, they cannot stop the run and secondary is incredibly bad. Rodgers can only do so much.

  12. Packers look like their defense is going to peak enough just in time. Off day for offense, not worried

  13. The terrible tackling has got to stop or the Pack will be one and done again. They don’t drive to the ball carrier and wrap up. They just try to use their shoulders or miss completely.

  14. The Panthers gave them all the help they needed in the 4th quarter. Deep in Packers territory,Rhule has them kick a field goal on 1st down? What was that? It left them with little time,needing a TD and 2 point conversion to tie. That was a gift to the Packers and a real head scratcher of a decision.

  15. They are lucky breeze has been injured
    Breeze was qb when they played each other and Hill was undefeated until the Eagles game, so what luck are you talking about?

  16. Not their best effort, especially in the second half, but a win is a win and still #1 seed. Can anyone tell me where the Vikings are?

  17. Not too worried about the Packers letting off the gas too soon. That hasn’t been as big of a problem this year as it was last year. I think they’ll clean that up and make a deep run in the playoffs, likely win the Super Bowl.

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