Behind-the-back pass remains in the Patrick Mahomes arsenal, waiting to be deployed

Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins
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When you least expect it, expect it.

For all the things that quarterback Patrick Mahomes has done in three seasons as the Kansas City starter, there’s still one more trick up his sleeve. Or as the case may be behind his back.

Yes, the possibility of an in-game behind-the-back pass remains real. After last week’s win over the Dolphins, Mahomes explained to PFT when and how it possibly would be deployed.

“There’s a couple plays that I’ve done in practice and I’ve been able to have success with it,” Mahomes said. “For me, it’s gotta be in the right situation. I’m not gonna do it in a one-score game or anything like that. I’ll be a little safe with it. If we get a high scoring game where we kinda have to take advantage of whatever the defense is giving us, then I might bring it out.”

Maybe that’s today. Maybe that’s next week. Whenever and wherever, that’s the next level to which Mahomes will take his game, and the next moment that will build the legacy and legend of the man who may end up becoming the greatest player at any position in the history of the game.

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  1. I suspect any pick 6 won’t even matter. Remember he’s just having fun. It’s a game after all.

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