Cam Jordan ejected for throwing punch; Marcus Williams, Tre’Quan Smith injured


The Saints are without some key players in the fourth quarter as they try to come back.

Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan was ejected with 13:50 remaining in the fourth quarter. He got into with offensive lineman Andrew Wylie after an incompletion and threw a punch that connected with Wylie’s helmet.

Jordan had three tackles, including a tackle for loss, and a quarterback hit.

The Chiefs scored on the next play with Le'Veon Bell running to what would have been Jordan’s side for a 13-yard touchdown. The Chiefs lead 29-15.

Safety Marcus Williams injured an ankle while breaking up a long pass from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman with 4:40 remaining in the third quarter. Williams underwent examination and jogged on the sideline before going to the locker room.

The Saints report Williams is questionable to return.

P.J. Williams replaced Marcus Williams, who has two tackles and a pass breakup.

Saints receiver Tre'Quan Smith is questionable to return with an ankle injury. Smith has one catch for 25 yards.

19 responses to “Cam Jordan ejected for throwing punch; Marcus Williams, Tre’Quan Smith injured

  1. The ejection was bogus birth should go or none. Looks like someone wants the chiefs to win.

  2. Did not realize that the Saints confuse playing hard with playing dirty. Been going on all game.

  3. i always love when a player gets tossed for a cheap dirty shot, and as he’s walking to the locker room, all his teammates high five him….ummmmm?

  4. Vasteelerfan says:
    The ejection was bogus

    By rule, throwing a closed-fist punch at the head of an opponent is an automatic ejection. Doing it directly in front of an official was the nail in his coffin, and even Cam Jordan didn’t argue his ejection with any kind of passion.
    He was probably held, but he’s a professional and can’t react that way at such a big moment. What would have been an incomplete pass and a missed holding call turned into seven points and ultimately a win for the Chiefs — not to mention a critical loss for Jordan’s team.

  5. yep quick ejection yet not one holding call on kc.

    bro that is the real question about this game

  6. I’ve seen worse and the player not get ejected but it was pretty clear. If you don’t want to get ejected, keep your cool.

  7. What’s really funny is the fact the Chiefs ran the next play right at his replacement for the TD, while he was watching on the big screen as he walked to the locker room. LOLOL Saints D is definitely dirty. Don’t care for the celebration after every play while they are trailing by 10 either.

  8. Par for the course for the Saints. Payton has always championed cheap play and trying to hurt players

  9. Cam is dirty for that one but yall Still drinking the saints are dirty kool-aid? Its been 10 years! We were 31st in the league for injuries “bounty-gate”. My goodness

  10. Theyre the 2nd most penalized offensive line but there wasnt ONE holding call. Its laughable how desperate people are to overlook it and just dunk in the comments.

  11. SaintsGotRobbed&TerryMcAulayIsRightItWasOPI says:
    Cam is dirty for that one but yall Still drinking the saints are dirty kool-aid?

    I tuned in to a football game and thought I was watching the calf-roping event in a rodeo. One out of every four tackles by the Saints consisted of someone lifting a Chiefs ball carrier off the ground and slamming him to the turf.
    For every allegedly missed holding call on the Chiefs there was no flag thrown on the Saints for unnecessary roughness.

  12. It’s not only stupid throwing a punch and getting an ejection from a huge game, but it’s even more stupid when you throw the punch at a football helmet!!!! I mean, even the 3 Stooges wouldn’t do that!!!!!

  13. If Jordan is thrown out for that then TJ Watt should be ejected in just about every game he plays.

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