Chiefs win ninth in a row, move to 13-1 with 32-29 win over Saints

Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints
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The Saints got Drew Brees back, but they lost several key players. They also lost another game.

New Orleans went into last week leading the NFC with a 10-2 record. They came out of Sunday 10-4 and all but out of the running for the top seed in the NFC.

The Saints made it interesting again and again Sunday, but they didn’t have enough to match the Chiefs. Kansas City held on for a 32-29 victory over New Orleans.

The Chiefs won their ninth in a row since a 40-32 loss to the Raiders and moved to an NFL-best 13-1 record. They won all eight road games this season. They did lose rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire to leg/hip injuries that appeared serious.

Patrick Mahomes had his 300-yard streak stopped at six consecutive games. He threw for 254, completing 26-of-47 with three touchdowns. Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman each had a touchdown catch, and Le'Veon Bell had a touchdown run.

The Chiefs held the Saints to 285 yards in Brees’ return from fractured ribs and a punctured lung. Brees, who led the NFL with a 73.5 completion percentage, started the game 0-for-6 and went 15-of-34 for 234 yards with three touchdowns and an interception.

Taysom Hill had a rushing touchdown, and Latavius Murray, Alvin Kamara and Lil’Jordan Humphrey had receiving touchdowns.

The Saints had defensive end Cameron Jordan ejected for throwing a punch, and safety Marcus Williams, defensive lineman Trey Hendrickson and receiver Tre'Quan Smith left with injuries.

30 responses to “Chiefs win ninth in a row, move to 13-1 with 32-29 win over Saints

  1. Gotta tip my hat to Drew Brees for even playing in that game today. He was really up against it — especially with his WR’s hurt. Brees is a class act who always gives his best.
    While I have tremendous respect for Brees, I still say he has had a huge advantage over QB’s who have played their home games outdoors in regard to his stats. No matter how anyone feels, it’s a huge advantage for any QB to play in perfect weather conditions for half their games.
    Congrats to the Chiefs, too. They are the most complete team in the NFL and find more ways to win games than anyone else. They are the unquestioned team with the best chance to win the Super Bowl.

  2. Sean Payton should have kept rolling with Taysom Hill as the starter. Brees is done.

  3. Wow the Saints play very very dirty. I get trying to play aggressive to “rattle” an opponent but this was just awful. Dirty, dirty, dirty.

    Saints fans should be ashamed but of course they will not be ashamed because this is how you guys play. I read it all the time from other NFC South teams but finally experienced it.

  4. I think for the integrity of the game, that the NFL needs to abolish the Offensive Holding penalty. (unless you grab hold and pull somebody to the ground) The fact the the Chiefs are allowed to hold on every single snap, and never get called for it is a disgrace. That is if the NFL is real and not fixed which I am o longer certain about. We will not get into all the holds by the Chiefs receivers, and Kelce, or their blocks in the backs time and time again…I am just talking about the O-line. If your going to let teams like the Chiefs, Bucs, etc…hold let all teams hold. Try to keep it fair, or just keep on fixing games by allowing it. Poor Cam Jordan gets ejected when the Chiefs pretty much tore his jesrsey from holding him so bad, and he just swiped trying to get the guy to let go.

  5. “Wow the Saints play very very dirty. I get trying to play aggressive to “rattle” an opponent but this was just awful. Dirty, dirty, dirty”

    You must be a Falcons fan

  6. Brees didn’t look anywhere near 100%. If he was, then I sadly admit it’s time to hang up the cleats. I would say pass the torch, but it would likely be terribly inaccurate and fall incomplete. I can’t lay the blame on lack of starting recievers when almost all little screens to kamera were off target.

  7. That’s a lot of words to say “I think it’s OK to throw punches at people’s heads” your gonna get tossed every time my man if the refs see it

  8. Apparently the Bucs are the only team with a winning record that the Saints are capable of beating.

  9. djd24 says:
    December 20, 2020 at 8:33 pm
    “Wow the Saints play very very dirty. I get trying to play aggressive to “rattle” an opponent but this was just awful. Dirty, dirty, dirty”

    You must be a Falcons fan


    Reading comprehension is important lol you obviously are a Saints fan.

  10. I guess that master class by Payton in faking out the Chiefs by not declaring Brees the starter until Friday really paid off …

  11. I’ll say it. Patrick Mahomes deserves the MVP. Another great performance against a good team.

  12. That was a weird game. Makes me think the game is rigged. I don’t really but… Chiefs seeming dominate the 1st half but are only up 13-9. Mathieu let’s a guy run free for 50 yards, drops and easy int, Brees can’t pass for 3 quarters, then can’t miss. Just odd.

  13. Gotta to admit… I heard how good the saints d is and I just here blah blah blah.. The chiefs have heard this so many times before including the 9ers in the superbowl. The saints d is for real. Just wished the chiefs weren’t on 5th string offensive lineman including a starter we picked up weeks ago.. Didnt care to see Mahommes get hit in the back and chest at the same time.. repeat dreams could have ended there…

    Good game saints fans… your qb was rusty and missing his best weapon and frustrated our offense. Hoping you guys dont get ref’d out of the playoffs this year with crazy calls.

  14. Saints are fraudulently over rated. How come the NFC is so bereft of competitive teams this year? KC played with New Orleans like a cat plays with a mouse today.

    I guess it started last year with the ’emergence’ of the powerhouse 49ers.

    Just give the AFC the SB trophy already.

  15. Oh mighty football gods please accept this sacrifice of mine so that you may,in your infinite wisdom,smite down the great walrus and his followers with the sickness and failed health that ravaged their nemesis of 2019 to no mercy! Only then shall the universe be whole and righteous and pure again. And to show your kindness to the lowly, make it so that the Brown clan shall be named..Champion!

  16. and Sean Payton back to his pass, pass, pass happy Ways. Saints were 10-2 51.8% pass
    the last 2 weeks horrid play calling. last 2 weeks 78 passes 37 Runs. 67.8% pass.
    The 1st 2 losses of the season for the Saints the same thing 76 Runs 39 passes.
    In those 2 games they ran 39 times for 234 yards and 2 Tds.
    66.9% pass in 4 Losses 49.4% pass in 10 Wins. The Teams rushing less then 20 times in a game are 10-56-1. Today 2 teams did it in the same game, the same happened when the Bills played the Seahawks but if you run the ball more then you pass you win 90% of your games. The More balanced, Run Balanced to Run heavy team is 173-45-1 on the season with 4 pushes. 79% win percentage. Teams with more run plays then pass plays. 84-11 88.4% win. Teams balanced equally pass to run or more runs then passes 93-12 88.6% pass.
    By the way 10-56-1 14.9% win. The record of teams rushing less then 10 times 1 career
    win that I know of.

  17. Shows how staying healthy is part of this sport….a healthy raiders team be the Saints and KC (almost twice). Now they’re a bottom tier team….the Niners probably were hit the worst this season. Either way, it was always going to be Chiefs Packers this SB.

  18. Rdog says:
    December 20, 2020 at 9:57 pm
    Mahomes had 21 incompletions….

    He only throws the ball. Catching it isn’t his job.

  19. Playoffs are a formality this season, it’s Packers Chiefs in the SB, no one else is close.

  20. I duuno… Something about this team always playing close and letting opponents back in… Might not be able turn it back on in a playoff game, just saying.

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