Josh Allen: “I’m where I’m supposed to be”

Buffalo Bills v Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos have had a hard time finding competent quarterbacks, apart from Peyton Manning. In 2018, the Broncos could have had Josh Allen. They passed on him.

After Saturday’s division-clinching win over the Broncos, the Bills quarterback was asked this question: “We heard on the broadcast that this game meant a little bit more to you on the personal side, just because Denver was so close to where you played college ball and they passed on you obviously in 2018. How much did this game mean to you that on top of being able to capture a division title and on top of getting that home playoff game, you could do it against a team that essentially said they didn’t want you to be their quarterback?”

Said Allen, “I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

Indeed he is. But he could have been saying the same thing as the quarterback of the Broncos, if the Broncos had taken him and if he’d become in Denver what he has become in Buffalo. They had signed Case Keenum in free agency, which hardly removed the Bills from the conversation for a first-round quarterback. And while they got a great player in defensive end Bradley Chubb (the decision to take Von Miller in 2011 fueled Denver’s win in Super Bowl 50), they still don’t have a franchise quarterback. The Bills do.

It could have been worse for the Broncos. They could have (and would have) traded the fifth pick to the Bills, and the Bills would have taken Allen, if Chubb had been gone before the Broncos were on the clock.

But it’s still not great for the Broncos. Last night’s loss means that they have four straight losing seasons. Since having 10 straight losing records from 1963 through 1972, the Broncos hadn’t had more than two in a row until the current stretch.

Despite the building of a team that won Super Bowl 50, it’s hard to think that Elway would remain in his current position if the Broncos were currently run by a single owner and not a three-person trust that has enough headaches without having to find a new G.M. at a time when any G.M. with options will choose a spot with greater stability at the top.

15 responses to “Josh Allen: “I’m where I’m supposed to be”

  1. It’s very hard to evaluate college quarterbacks.
    almost every year there is a quarterback that does a lot better than all the teams expected based on his draft position. it’s not a slight on the quarterback it’s due to the difficulty in evaluating college quarterbacks.

  2. Western new York is a unique area. People look out for one another and help one another like nowhere else. Our teams are what helps bind us, and our players are our representatives. Yes Josh Allen you are where you belong and we are so lucky and extremely proud to say you are our quarterback.

  3. You can’t look back, and you can’t blame teams for not drafting you. Everyone passed Tom Brady 5 or 6 times, including New England. Everyone passed Joe Montana, including the 49ers. I’ve always felt the draft was more of an exact science than a complete crap shoot. No science is exact, but some do it better than others. If you study enough tape on the QB’s, it’s pretty easy to see the good ones and the bad ones. If you rely on second hand information, it’s a complete crap shoot. Most scouts don’t do enough of their own work, so that’s why people say the draft is a crap shoot. The scouts that didn’t love Josh Allen didn’t work hard enough. Same goes for Patrick Mahomes. These were two of the easiest QB’s to evaluate, yet I hear lots of excuses. Please don’t take my word for it. That’s second hand information. Go back and look at their college tape. Turn the volume down, and shut your phone off. Let your eyes do all the talking.

  4. Josh Allen had some struggles early in his career. He only completed 52.8% of his passes and had more INT than TDs his first season. Many teams would have given up on him right there. But, he made a big improvement from his rookie season to his second season, becoming at least a competent QB. This season, he has taken another step. Who is to say he would have been given the opportunity, or the right coaching, on another team to have made those strides? Kudos to him for improving, and kudos to the Bills for working with him and sticking with him.

  5. This coming from a Miami fan….
    Buffalo is going to hurt some feelings in the playoffs. This is a complete team and could make a SB run

  6. Josh Allen might be Trubiscuit. Wanting Buffalo to be good and the Bills actually being good are 2 separate things.

  7. The bottom line is a QB in the NFL is only as good as his weapons and protection. Allen was mediocre at best until Diggs came along. Herbert was blessed with stable WRs and a solid OLine. Tua is the best of them and has 3 rookies and a 3rd stringer as Oline and literally ALL skill players out, so naturally he will get slammed in the press.

    Good for the Bills. They got a head start on the AFC East, but it will be fun to watch once the Jets rebuild and the division is competitive again.

  8. It was such a long journey between Kelly and Allen.

    Once in awhile, teams get lucky and have a Favre/Rogers, Montana/Young situation. Not that there isn’t skill w/ picking a good QB – but you definitely need luck. Guys rarely pan out as expected.

    Allen’s ceiling is very high. He works like few others on his weaknesses – the trend on his accuracy over 3 years is something you almost never see. From just over 50% to just under 70% this year. He just keeps getting better.

    It’s great to see so many other talented young QB’s in the league, also. For so long, it was Brady/Ben/Manning/Brees. The new era looks like it will make for a lot of exciting games.

  9. What I like about Allen is that we all know he has a rocket arm but he actually spent time honing his skills on short to intermediate passes, the bread and butter passes. (He even knows how to fool the defense with his eyes!) That takes a lot of self awareness for someone as athletically gifted as he is. Good for him!

  10. Buffalo was a fortuitous place for Allen to land.
    If he ended up with the Jets, there’s little chance he would be getting as much praise as he is now. Or that his developmental progression could have occurred. Similarly it’s unlikely that Sam Darnold would be making way for the next first round quarterback the Jets will draft/ruin in the spring.
    Sometimes it’s not who you are, but where you are…

  11. So happy for Josh Allen, good kid, good situation. Buffalo should be very excited. It helps he’s leading me to the fantasy championship too. I have Kyler AND Allen on my team this year and went back and forth almost perfect all year! (Nobody cares about my fantasy team.)

  12. Josh Allen got overlooked 100% because of where he went to college. Wyoming always gets disrespected but there is a small contingent of very good NFL players that came out of there.

  13. Josh Allen is the MVP this year. He has scored more points than any other NFL player this year and means more to his team than any other player does. Because he is in Buffalo people will ignore him or dismiss his success as a cute little story, but the truth is Josh is a force. A singular talent. And deserves the MVP.

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