Matt Rhule not happy with Teddy Bridgewater for fumbling at the goal line

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers
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Panthers coach Matt Rhule was not happy with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for a costly fumble in Saturday night’s loss to the Packers.

With the Panthers down 14-3 and facing first-and-goal at the 1-yard line, Rhule called for a quarterback sneak. Bridgewater initially got stopped at the line but reached the ball forward, at which point it was knocked out of his hands. The Packers recovered and ran it back all the way across midfield, setting up a touchdown that gave Green Bay a 21-3 lead.

Rhule said afterward that Bridgewater needs to know not to reach the ball out at the goal line unless it’s fourth down.

“We don’t reach the ball over the goal line until fourth down. It’s just kind of a principle. We don’t do it. We never do it,” Rhule said, via “You get to the moment and you can’t do new things. You know, you are at Lambeau in December playing a good team. You just have to trust yourself. I’m not talking about just Teddy, but the whole team. That play was emblematic. You talk about dramatic shift. Had he done that on fourth down, I can live with it, just not on first down, especially when I think we ran the ball well when we did run it tonight. That’s just a principle of our team. We don’t reach the ball across the goal line until fourth down.”

Packers coach Matt LaFleur said of Bridgewater’s fumble, “That was the play of the game, no doubt about it.” It was a great play for LaFleur’s team, and a terrible play for Rhule’s team.

18 responses to “Matt Rhule not happy with Teddy Bridgewater for fumbling at the goal line

  1. Sorry to say but that’s just Teddy,he really tries hard and give it all he has. I never thought he was good enough to be a starting quarterback even when he was in Minnesota.

  2. Is that why they got rid of Cam because he surely has scored dozens of TDs by reaching the ball over the goal line.

  3. Let PJ Walker start the final two games of the season.

    You’re eliminated from the playoffs and Bridgewater’s contract means he is here unless you can find a trade partner. You might as well see if Walker is the right guy to be your backup, or potentially more, for next season.

  4. Should have handed it to the running back to bust it in. I thought it was a bad play call on 1st down,but that’s just me.

  5. Teddy prevented the Panthers from getting blown out.a very good quarterback tried his best to score a touchdown,cant fault him there.

  6. Teddy is a very Good backup QB even in the right system where the Run game is super great & the team a has a great Long term defense where he don’t have to throw deep alot & carry the team he’d do good But not right now in Carolina

  7. After the Packers’ first three drives, it could have been quite easy for the Panthers to fold up the tents and call it a day but they didn’t. They brought it, right to the bitter end. If they pulled that game out, they darned well would have deserved it.

    They’ve got some players, too. Jeremy Chinn is going to be a stud, pure and simple.

  8. Good sign for the Pack heading into the playoffs that the defense actually won this game.

    Got to 11-3 and that was the goal. One more win from the last 2 gets the #1 seed.👍


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