New report claims Carson Wentz wants to stay with Eagles


Last week, one of the Sunday Splash! reports came from the notion that the Eagles still believe in quarterback Carson Wentz. This week, one of the Sunday Splash! reports (from the same reporter) flowed from the suggestion that, if Wentz isn’t the starter, he wants out of Philadelphia.

Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press disputes the latter, tweeting this: “Carson Wentz is invested in Philadelphia/South Jersey communities. It’s not just about him. It’s about family, friends, his AO1 Foundation, his Thy Kingdom Crumb food truck, friendships & relationships. I’m told he doesn’t want out of Philly & he hasn’t told that to anyone.”

The easiest way to reconcile this is to say that Wentz hasn’t told that to anyone, but that his agents have. And that’s quite possibly the best way to harmonize the competing reports.

If the Eagles ultimately decide to try to move Wentz, there’s value in blowing up the team’s leverage and forcing its hand. Indeed, if Wentz will be traded one way or the other, it’s in his best interests to do whatever he can to ensure that the new team gives up as little as possible to get him, so that he’ll have more help in the form of players and draft picks with his next franchise.

16 responses to “New report claims Carson Wentz wants to stay with Eagles

  1. I don’t give a #%{%]% what you want Wentz you definitely don’t want to win you make everyone worse the eagles Are much better without you

  2. Wince it’s your time with the Eagles is over. Maybe the Colts of Patriots will consider trading for you. I personally would rather trade for Darnold.

  3. Actually, whoever handed Wentz his contract single-handedly destroyed the franchise. You can’t blame Wentz for signing it.

  4. If ever someone needed a fresh start with a new team, it is Wentz. Incredible how he regressed.

  5. No, Carson Wentz didn’t ruin the Eagles.

    His rookie deal covered the 2016-2019 seasons, and the 5th year option covered the 2020 season. There was no real reason to offer an extension in the summer of 2019, when he had two years of team control left. But if you can make $107M by signing your name…. you’re gonna sign an extension.

    I don’t blame Carson Wentz for his contract.

  6. I remember when everyone said the Cowboys should be more like the Eagles and take care of Dak early. Even made it about race. Yes the Cowboys will pay more for Dak, but Dak has mostly proven he is worth it. Dak is better than Wentz. I think you’re damned if you don’t sign them and sometimes, damned if you do. Glad I dont make those decisions. Especially when luck is such a big player in success.

  7. Wentz continues to be an entitled brat, who disingenuously mouths platitudes about God and getting better at football. No one should care what he wants.

  8. Incredible how just a few football seasons ago, the Philly fans called him one of their own and fawned over how involved he was with the local kids and the SPN even did a human interest piece about him and fan that passed away. Now those same fans call him a bum and the SPN’s talking heads think he should get the axe.

  9. Doug Pederson playcalling with Hurts. 30 passes 36 runs win. 50 pass plays 29 Runs L
    But thru 2 games the same 40 pass plays a game but 32.5 runs 55.2% pass
    in the 12 games Wentz Started
    505 pass plays 42.1 per game 280 runs 23.3 per game 64.3% pass.
    The Jets may be 1-13. But here is the difference in their playcalling
    Gase 0-6 61.5% pass Loggains 1-7 53.5% pass.

    Bears 5-4 under Nagy calling plays 66.3% pass with Lazor 2-3 57.7%
    but it does help when you run it 42 times in a game and throw it 22.
    Thru 2 games he was 71.3% pass 3 games 64.8% 4 games 63.9% pass.

    So many of these OC or HC calling plays have no Clue.

    When you are more balanced then your opponent/ run balanced or Run Heavy
    173-45-1 4 pushes 79% win
    Teams running it more then they throw it 84-11 88.4% win
    Teams equally balanced or more runs 93-12 88.6% win

    Teams rushing less then 20 times 10-56-1 14.9% win.

    Oh and Pederson did that 4 times with Wentz as the Starting QB all losses
    and could not beat a Bengals team that did it in an OT game Pathetic.

  10. Bottom line is Carson Wentz didn’t ruin the Eagles letting Frank Reich go did. Because all you were left with was the Paper Head Coach and horrid Playcaller Doug Pederson. Superbowl Season 13-3 600 pass plays 473 runs 55.9% pass
    2018 Reich Gone 9-7 639 pass plays 398 runs 61.6% pass
    2109 9-7 650 pass plays 454 runs 59.9% pass. This yr with Wentz 3-8-1 505 pass plays
    280 runs 64.3% pass. With Hurts 80 pass 65 runs 55.2% 1-1 Record
    Eagles 4-9-1 585 passes 345 Runs 62.9% pass. You can’t fix Doug Pederson.

  11. What leverage did the Eagles ever have? The contract is what’s painful. The acquiring team will owe him 2 years guaranteed salary. If he stinks they are stuck. Why would you give up anything for that?

  12. No matter what happens, the blame for the Eagles season falls squarely on Eagles management and coaching staff. I don’t think anyone realized what a huge loss Frank Reich would be.

  13. I don’t know what happened to Wentz’s game ,but he’s going to have a pretty hard time winning that starter’s job back. The only way is if Jalen Hurts is injured and nobody wants to see that happen. Hurts gives that team life, win or lose.

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