Report: Carson Wentz wants out, if he’s not the starter

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At a time when the Eagles already are trying to set the stage for trading quarterback Carson Wentz (step one: act like you’re not interested in trading him), Wentz isn’t inclined to help the Eagles maximize their leverage.

Adam Schefter of reports that Wentz is “not interested” in serving as a backup quarterback, and that he would want to leave the Eagles if rookie Jalen Hurts remains the starter. Schefter adds that Wentz “is not pleased with the way events have unfolded in the organization.”

This is a potentially dangerous game for Wentz and his agents to play. First, it won’t take much to lose the P.R. battle on this one, because the easy response to Wentz’s concern is that it’s his own fault for not playing well. Second, Hurts just delivered the signature win of the season, beating the Saints. Third, this new report tends to confirm Jay Glazer’s recent report that the decision to use a second-round pick on Hurts shattered Wentz’s confidence.

Franchise quarterbacks remain franchise quarterbacks only as long as they play like franchise quarterbacks. If any of the best quarterbacks in football went through an extended stretch of sucking, they’d eventually take a seat for someone else.

Wentz acting like he’s earned an automatic starting job doesn’t mesh with what we’ve seen from him this season. Other than the Colts, where former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich serves as head coach, who would automatically install Wentz as the 2021 starter? In most cities, the fans and local media would cry out in unison “what are you thinking?” in response to the news that Wentz is the new QB1.

So what is Wentz thinking by making this known? It could simply be frustration bubbling over. The deeper strategy could be to ensure that the Eagles don’t play ultra-hardball in the offseason with Wentz’s contract, with today’s message being, “If you aren’t going to start me and you’re not going to trade me, you’re going to have a big problem.”

The problem with this approach is that Wentz’s next team won’t want to eventually be in the same position as his current team, if with his next team Wentz eventually plays at a level that gets him benched. Which could make it even harder to find a next team that will hand him a starting job.

75 responses to “Report: Carson Wentz wants out, if he’s not the starter

  1. Carson Wentz has been awful this season. I wouldn’t be happy if I was him either but he needs to wear this one.

  2. All it takes is one team that thinks Wentz is a franchise QB. Every team wasn’t interested in trading for Steve Young when Tampa Bay traded him the 49ers. Who else was calling Atlanta to try to get Brett Favre?

  3. Remember that time Trey Burton threw a TD pass to Nick Foles in the Super Bowl? Yeah, those were the days.

  4. Carson Wentz is a cry baby. He has not demonstrated any leadership qualities and has a case of extreme entitlement.
    Other teams should avoid trading for him.

  5. He should shut up and accept his fate or he will be the next Josh Rosen. Good chance in 2-3 years Wentz isn’t even in the league.

  6. The guys basically has the entirety of a 4 year, $128,000,000 contract on the books. No GM is going to trade for that, given his performance. The Eagles would have to trade Wentz and like 2 first rounders just to get rid of him.

  7. It’s also possible the Eagles leaked this (made this up) because they want to move on from Wentz and are trying to paint him as the bad guy to win the PR battle.

  8. I bet he goes to the Jags or the Patriots. Cam’s gonna go somewhere else for a better contract.

  9. Just one persons opinion here, it seems to me Wentz is mentally weak.

    Hurts was brought in to be a backup, and because of Wentz frequent injury history, the Eagles drafted the best QB they could outside of the 1st round. but Wentz felt disrespected, and threatened, without justification. Wentz then let it effect his play and for the good of the team, Pederson was forced to make a change.

    Now Wentz wants out? This is 100% on Wentz.

  10. Wentz has been bad, this much is certain, but I don’t see any sort of foul in him being vocal about wanting to be a starter, at least not in a world where players absent from the game for multiple years have many backers saying that said players should be entitled to starting gigs.

  11. $130,000,000 isn’t enough.
    Either I start or want out.
    Question: will you take a pay cut in order to start for a different team in 2021?
    Put up or shut up, your contract is such that no team wants you because you have performed poorly.

    You have already made a great deal of money. If starting is important then take a pay cut.

  12. There will be interest. The contract is not that hard to take on. Roughly $25 mil a year, with basically just 2021 guaranteed. But if he rebounds, locked in for roughly $25 mil a year through the 2024 season. For a starting QB, that will be a below market deal.

  13. The best way to get traded is usually to keep your mouth shut. In this case the Eagles don’t have a lot of leverage to lose, but publicly stating this still a questionable decision.

  14. I think there are going to maybe be 6 first round worthy QBs , well going by value of the QB positions at least some of them should go later rounds but won’t. So Wentz is in quite the pickle or the Eagles are depending on how you look at it.. The Eagles have to decide in a hurry what type of offense they want to run because atm they have a Athletic and a pocket passer type QB.

  15. I seem to remember a demoted former starter who won a Super Bowl while serving as Wentz’s backup.

    He may need to count his fortune and take the long view on this. The league is starved for good QBs. If he can play, he will get an opportunity.

  16. I’d take Marcus Mariota or even Jameis Winston as a starter over Carson Wentz.

  17. A selfish player that’s terrible doesn’t last long. Nick Foles should have been the starter for the Eagles the entire time. Wentz is hated by his teammates, costs his teams games, and won’t ever admit his failures.

  18. The Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl a few years ago if Carson Wentz was their starting QB. 🙂

  19. Come to Minnesota. Speilman likes to sign washed up QBs and to top it off. He will pay you like a superstar.

  20. I wouldn’t want a QB who has absolutely stunk and refuses to own it. Hurts is the better choice. He gave the Eagles the spark that was missing with Wentz.What did he expect the Eagles to do?

  21. If the confidence angle is correct, Wentz is done. You can’t have thin skin and play QB in this league, unless you’re Aaron Rodgers. Wentz is no Aaron Rodgers. Not by a longshot.

  22. Wentz is toast! His attitude is what got him in this predicament. If it’s all about you and your teammates see it then your done! That simple. Eagles should have never given him that stupid contract to him before his rookie one expired. He had one good year. His injuries every year didn’t help either. The GM is to blame also! As is the head coach.

  23. He will finish his career in purple with one or 2 superbowls, book it! And he’s from NODAK so he will be just fine, tough sobs.

  24. Who wouldn’t want to leave Philly. Guarantee Wentz would be rejuvenated on another team away from that nasty fan base.

  25. If Wentz wants out so bad, he can take a pay cut to $3-4 million per year, and the Eagles will have no problem trading him. But, his albatross of a contract will make moving him difficult.

  26. If this is true, and someone in Wentz’s camp leaked it (instead of just handling it privately), it’s a desperate and probably stupid move to force a trade. If this is true, and someone on the Eagles leaked it, it’s probably Howie Roseman engaging in his usual blame-shifting political game to cover his butt if he can’t deal Wentz. Of course, it’s also possible that this is one of the many untrue hot takes that surface pretty much whenever there is controversy in the NFL.
    We’ll all find out eventually, but anything said now about Wentz has to be considered with some degree of skepticism. Let Hurts play a few games before any decisions are made.

  27. Backup quarterback is the best job in the world. You get a ton of money and you don’t have to dodge 320lb. men running at 20 mph. Take your cue from Fitzgerald or McCown.

  28. The Colts would be the only logical one from the Reich connection and Rivers being close to retirement. But then there’s the contract…i don’t know how it was worked exactly but see the Eagles just cutting him in the end as don’t see anyone trading for that contract.

  29. Carson’s only way out is if he renegotiated his current contract to a one day deal which I doubt will happen. No one will trade for that contract.
    Get your popcorn ready.

  30. coming into this year he had a better record at the same age than brees and manning

    he hd 82 tds and 21 ints from 2017-2019.. howie roseman failed him

  31. By announcing that he wants out of Philly if he isn’t the starter, Wentz guaranteed that he will be with Philly for a long time.

    No team wants to take on Wentzs’ huge contract….just to see if he works out. Wentz’s play doesn’t support paying him that much money.

    So one of three things will happen.

    Wentz will sit behind Hurts in 2021
    Wentz will start for Philly in 2021
    Wentz will be out of the NFL

  32. Wentz’s confidence was shot when Foles won the Super Bowl. This has RG III/Cousins round 2 written all over it.

  33. I remember when Kyle Orton retired because he just wanted to be a backup, and they were trying to make him the starter.

  34. He will be a starter again. 81 tds and 21 ints between 2017-2019 and his contract should assure him being a starter next year in Philly or somewhere else. Too much is being made of Hurts getting the chance to start these last couple games while the eagles have an 11 % chance of making the playoffs. When right, Wentz is the better player and he will be just that next year.

  35. Could see him being a reclamation project for Bilichek. Wentz was really good not that long ago.

  36. His contract is only an issue for the Eagles. If the Eagles cut him, the dead cap hit is over 50+ mil. So that isnt happening for all the obvious reasons. If the Eagles trade him prior to next season they still have a 30+ mil cap hit. Not sure even that can be stomached. The team that would get him is actually in pretty good shape as only 20+ mil (2021) salary is guaranteed. They could have a one year test and walk anytime after with no downside financially. So it’s only the Eagles in bad shape due to the contract. They need to pick their poison: cut (impossible), trade (painful but possible), keep one more year at guaranteed salary and then cut with 20+ mil cap hit for remaining signing bonus (another 12 months of bad attitude and drama). The cap declining adds further complexity. My stance would be to tear the bandaid off, get something for him and move on.

  37. Wentz is on the Eagles’ books for the next two seasons. Whether he’s with the team or not. Don’t see where he has much trade value for the next couple of seasons. And putting aside all the hubub, he’s not a bad guy and he’s talented. Let’s see – my guess is that this settles down, notwithstanding a few months of being filler talk show for WIP.

  38. This cant be true. The nerve of this guy, what a whiny little punk. You’re NOT any good and never was. Great teammate too by the way!

  39. if wentz’s side leaked this, they are fools. wentz should get out front of this and categorically deny it. everything wentz has built his brand on relies on him being a good person. he wears his religion on his sleeve. so to hit his first tough patch, and immediately refuse to embrace the role his good friend nick so successfully and gracefully performed makes him look like a spoiled entitled hypocrite of the first degree.

    therefore regardless of source; the eagles, the wentz camp or a reporters imagination, wentz would be wise to stomp it out asap or suffer the consequences which will be significant. finally, he should be counting his blessings. imagine if he had put up this season’s performance in front of the fans at the linc…

  40. Well, that went bad fast. Nobody has any sympathy for Wentz over this. If you don’t play well you should get benched for someone that will. It’ll be Interesting to see if someone decides to pick up that contract.

  41. Other than the season where Wentz would have won the MVP had he not injured his knee, he hasn’t been good. The Eagles should have kept Foles, drafted Hurts to be the future starter, and they would probably be better than what they have been. Now with how this went down, you see what kind of leadership Wentz has, which is none. Hurts handled this very well at Alabama in the transition to Tua. I’m glad it paid off for him and hopefully he has a good long career. Wentz, however, has never been as good as he was hyped up to be.

  42. yes lets trade wentz and go back to the ty detmer type years while carson goes and wins a sb elsewhere

  43. C’mon man, you have to know you haven’t played well. There’s this thing called accountability. Please take it. Even if it’s not entirely your fault, that’s part of the job description of the QB. You get a ton of credit when you win and a ton of blame when you lose.

  44. QB who takes the most sacks and has the most turnovers can’t seen anything wrong with his play.

    2017 was three years ago and he was overrated then.

  45. Charles says:
    December 20, 2020 at 9:58 am
    How’s that Wentz vs Dak argument looking now?


    Nobody cares to be honest. But at least Wentz has a ring.

  46. Apparently, Carson Wentz is as bad off the field as he is on it; and that’s saying alot. Everything was strawberries and cream when the stupid Eagles gave Wentz that ridiculous contract after one good season. But then Wentz didn’t come close to living up to that contract on the field and he pulls a temper tantrum. You didn’t like Jalen Hurts getting drafted? PLAY BETTER. Aaron Rodgers did it after the Packers drafted Jordan Love. Obviously, Carson Wentz can’t even shine Aaron Rodgers shoes as a player, but the point is that, in response to the Eagles drafting Hurts, Wentz went from being a mediocre QB to the worst QB in the league. There were backups with better numbers than him. What does Wentz think the Eagles supposed to do? Not only did Doug Pederson give Wentz every chance to improve, he gave him way too much of a chance. He probably cost the Eagles a playoff spot by not going to Jalen Hurts sooner. And even now, Pederson refuses to give Hurts any credit and won’t name him the starter for the rest of the season. If Pederson wants to keep kissing his boy Wentz’s butt like this, he can go out the door with Wentz after this season. He already ran Nick Foles out of town in favor of Wentz; they better not let Pederson run Jalen Hurts out of there too.

  47. He’s played terribly this year and has shown poor leadership besides, but these stories all have to be coming from the Eagles and Howie Roseman. They did this with Desean Jackson as a way to get him out of town. Everybody blamed Chip Kelly for that but it seems it was Roseman or someone else with the Eagles, because it’s the same thing all over again, leaking stuff to team friendly reporters. But Philly reporters have no trouble finding Eagles willing to say bad things about Wentz off the record, so it’s not hard for the Eagles to put out some noise about how much the players don’t like Wentz. The Eagles are going to eat some of that huge salary to get Wentz out of town and they are trying to save face.

  48. It’s comical how fast Philly has wet the bed. They win the SB with a backup QB who then moves on to do almost nothing, lose their offensive coordinator to Indy, and still they manage to suck in one of the worst divisions in all of football. They will never be a dynasty and it’s so fun to watch them bungle it all up.

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