14 years later, Nick Saban is still the Alabama coach

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts
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On December 21, 2006, Dolphins coach Nick Saban addressed rumors regarding his candidacy to return to the college level after two years in the NFL with this notorious quote: “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

Fourteen years later, he still is.

Saban took the job in Tuscaloosa promptly after the 2006 NFL season ended, shrugging off his prevarication as the product of a must-lie situation. Really, what was Saban going to say with games left to be played in the NFL season? “Yep, I’m out of here”?

That said, he could have said something other than “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach” to handle the issue without admitting that he was leaving or at least considering it.

Now 69, Saban undoubtedly won’t be returning to the NFL to improve his 15-17 record. Then again, he hasn’t said he won’t. The minute he says that is the time to stock the Little Debbie’s snack cakes at whichever pro football facility he’ll be showing up for work.

9 responses to “14 years later, Nick Saban is still the Alabama coach

  1. Nick Saban is hands down the best recruiter in the history of college football. As far as a head coach he might not even rank in the top 100 all time.

    I have no doubt Saban could have been a very successful NFL head coach if he got picks 1-32 in rounds 1-4 every single year in the NFL draft.

  2. I think the question was worse than the answer. If you’re going to ask a coach a question like that in the middle of a season, you deserve to be lied to.

  3. I didn’t hold it against him. As a long time Fins fan, & a Bama fan, I was conflicted at first, when he left. Then I asked myself, what would I do? I can’t blame the man for choosing his dream job. Saban has my respect. I could understand his leaving Miami. But, seriously, at this point, isn’t it time to let it go?

  4. About 6 weeks into Sabans 2nd season as Miami’s coach I was listening to the local sports radio on the way home. On comes this guy I’ve never heard of talking about Saban and the Dolphins and that he was hearing rumblings that Saban was going to go back to college football. I thought he was nuts! The Dolphins just came off a season where Saban had improved them immensely and they were doing ok thus far in his 2nd. I thought that makes no sense at all and dismissed it completely. A few weeks later all the Alabama rumors started and I immediately remembered that radio interview. That guy on the radio was Mike Florio.

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