Drew Brees: A lot of yesterday was trying to get the feel back

Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints
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Saints quarterback Drew Brees returned to the field on Sunday, playing his first game since injuring several of his ribs against the 49ers in Week 10.

Brees started the game 0-of-6 passing and had only five completions for 87 yards in the first half. But Brees ended the contest 15-of-34 with 234 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

“A lot of yesterday was just trying to get the feel back,” Brees said Monday, via Luke Johnson of the New Orleans Advocate.

Per Mike Triplett of ESPN, Brees said he feels “pretty good (physically), all things considered. Obviously the normal day-after-game stuff.”

That’s good news for the Saints, who will play the Vikings on Friday.

Plus, the club still has a chance at the NFC’s No. 1 seed. At 10-4, New Orleans is one of three teams in the conference to already clinch a playoff berth, but currently sits at No. 2 behind 11-3 Green Bay. Even if Brees is feeling find physically, the Saints would undoubtedly like to get a week off to rest and heal with the NFC’s only playoff bye.

7 responses to “Drew Brees: A lot of yesterday was trying to get the feel back

  1. Get the ”feel back” in practice, man! Your self centered approach to team football is astounding! If you know in your heart you are a liability, then why the hell do you play in one of the most important games of the year?! As has been the case his entire career, breeze thinks about himself first and before the team. Had he followed the example of Tom Brady and took less money over the years to allow the team to build with quality players around him, then he would likely have two or three additional Super Bowl rings! And before any of you go hating on me understand one thing- I am a New Orleans native of 54 years. I have been a diehard Saints fan my entire life and will continue to be. Just stating the obvious here – we have an egotistical superstar who always puts himself in front of the team and his coach allows it. Maybe Payton should take a few pages out of the Bill Belichick book and learn how to build a team – not a bunch of individual superstars!

  2. Getting the feel back was made much more difficult by having very few recievers who could get any separation.

  3. To shoepik’s point, Sanders, Cook, Humphrey, Juwan Johnson (4 tgt 0 catch) averaged 2.33 yards of separation at the throw, 2.25 at the catch. That’s ridiculously low. By comparison, Watkins, Kelce, Hill, Coleman, and Robinson for the Chiefs averaged 2.96 at the throw and 3.38 at the catch.

  4. Unfortunately, yesterday wasn’t a game where they had that kind of luxury. The Packers aren’t going away and there’s no reason to think they can’t run the table vs the Titans and Bears. As it stands, the Saints had best be packing their long johns for a long cold trip to Green Bay.

  5. Brees looked like he was quarterbacking the 2003 SD Chargers, yesterday.

    Saints may have rushed him back to the playing field a bit too soon.

  6. Great career but Brees is done. The arm is shot. They will need the defense to be historically great to carry the team to another SB.

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